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This product is created by Joe LoGalbo who is an American Trainer and professional athletee trainer. Over the time, Joe had been training hundreds of clients per year and got them some incredible results using Anabolic Running. His product consists of four main components including-Anabolic Running Main Product, Stock and Awe strength, Testosterone Hacker Handbook and Indoor Anabolic Running.The main program is the main thing you need in this program. However, there are some bonuses such as Shock and Awe Strength which is a 6-minute exercise sequence which is equally important. You can do this at home any time in order to build strength and dense muscles. The other great thing about the workouts in this program is that they are short and simple to practice. This product is mainly for men who want to save their marriages by increasing testosterone and growth hormones. It is also for those that wants to strip away some fat and get some abs. This product is available in many formats. First of all, the main program is available in readable PDF formats while there are some bonuses available in Video formats to clarify on the results and show you how to go about each of the steps. Read more here...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

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How To Elevate Free Testosterone Levels Naturally

As the reader should be aware (and would be if Chemical Muscle Enhancement was read prior to this book), there are total, bound and free testosterone plasma levels. Bound testosterone, or any androgen AAS, is inactive and bound by SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin) and has no effect because it cannot merge with receptor sites. Free testosterone is the only active form and accounts for about 1-3 of total testosterone Androgen plasma levels. So a total testosterone threshold of 100 MG would only provide 1-3 MG, approximately, of free and active testosterone. Brief AAS protocols were intended to get in, hit hard, and get out before the body's reaction of elevating cortisol estrogen levels could catch up to elevated testosterone AAS levels. This also meant that levels of cortisol failed to reach a dominant level post-cycle and greater lean mass was retained. A second benefit of brief protocols was the body's inability to catch up to quickly elevated plasma testosterone levels with an...

Macronutrients Fat Requirements

It's well known that a particular hormonal milieu is needed to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat in response to exercise. For example, a weight lifter with inadequate testosterone levels will find it virtually impossible to add muscle mass even though he is weight training and eats well. A good diet and training regimen is essential to increase strength, muscle mass, and performance. Yet, without adequate anabolic hormone levels, he is essentially spinning his wheels. This known fact has been responsible for some athletes turning to synthetic versions of anabolic hormones, such as anabolic steroids and man-made growth hormone, as well as other compounds. What are overlooked by many people, however, are the effects that macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) have on the production of anabolic hormones. Testosterone is generally considered the king of anabolic hormones, especially in men. Anything that can positively and safely affect testosterone levels is...

Bottomline Bodybuilding

Besides the fact that many people will swear that they can feel the effects of these testosterones almost immediately, all one would need to do is take a blood test as evidence to its release. I've seen, firsthand, blood test results that were taken shortly after the administration of a single dose of Sustanon (no other steroids were in the body prior to this). The blood test of the subject showed a testosterone level of 4,987 ngs Naturally, this level will decrease dramatically after a few passes through the liver, as well as excretion of urine and feces. (Over the course of a few weeks, one shot of Sustanon is likely to elevate testosterone levels around 500 ngs -- which should certainly be enough to put on some muscle.) In any event, this proves the point that Sustanon hits hard and it hits quick.

What is it supposed to do

The researchers examined various downstream metabolites of AA, such as prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), prostaglandin F2a (PGF2a), interleukin-6 (IL-6), as well as hormonal effects on free testosterone, total testosterone and cortisol. They also took muscle biopsies to look at any changes in myosin heavy chain isoform. The study did not find statistically significant differences between the group getting the AA and the placebo group. There was a trend in the changes of some of the outcomes examined, but none of them reached statistical significance which equates to no differences between groups. The researchers concluded

Quantity of fat intake

As discussed in issue 56 (dietary fats), the average trainee should aim for a fat intake of 15-25 on a daily basis. With few exceptions, I generally think it's a bad idea for the average trainee to use extremely low-fat diets, as this may lower testosterone levels. Individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease may stand to benefit the most from relatively low-fat diets. There can be both pros and cons to higher fat intakes.

Meat Poultry and Fish

Research continues to show that men who are meat eaters have much more virility, while those who are purely vegetarian have reduced testosterone levels, potency, and sperm count. Part of the reason for this is that many vegetarians simply don't know how to practice food combining and suffer from protein deficiency as well as a deficiency of certain vitamins, such as B12, and vital minerals such as zinc, calcium, and iron.

Reported Characteristics

The Australian veterinary drug company Denkall manufactures a variety of quality AAS. As a rule, the products contain the listed dosages of any given drug plus or minus 1 . In the case of Test 400 they have created a 3-testosterone ester mix that actually provides 400 MG of testosterone esters per milliliter and comes in 10 ML bottles vials. This is unusual since 400 MG of any testosterone ester would not be soluble in a single milliliter of any oil. From the injection site irritation users reported it is very likely that the manufacturers have increased the benzyl alcohol content as a means of increasing total testosterone esters possible, dosage wise, for solubility. More bang for your dogy's buck, but more burn also. Athletes who experienced higher sensitivity to injection site irritation from benzyl alcohol usually mixed Test 400 with Synthol, Protest, or another oil based AAS to reduce irritation. But doing so required a site-injection type protocol.

Supplements That Increase Muscle Gain

No prohormone has actually been proven to help increase muscle mass. NONE. Now, that's not to say that they don't work, but there has yet to be a study that actually proves this. There have also never been any long term clinical studies done on the safety of using these products over a long period of time. They DO actually raise your testosterone levels in the body, that's true, but what companies don't tell you is that they do not increase your body's natural testosterone production. They actually REDUCE natural production, and in some cases, shut it down completely As a response to consistently elevated levels of testosterone in the bloodstream, your body will gradually reduce production of testosterone to compensate. In other words, your sex drive will disappear 1. 4-androstenediol (also called Androdiol, or 4-AD) most effective for the money because it produces higher testosterone levels than other products. Almost no estrogen conversion.

What does the research say

Brilla at Western Washington University. Dr. Brilla found the addition of 30 mg of zinc monomethionine-aspartate and 450 mg of magnesium aspartate (the forms used in ZMA) daily to football players had a 32 percent increase in total testosterone, a 3.6 percent increase in IGF-1, and improvements in strength levels.

Essential Fatty Acids

EFAs have a number of vital roles in the body, including as structural components of cell membranes and as part of the structure of prostaglandins, which have a variety of functions, including regulating steroid hormone production. Studies have shown that in very low fat diets there is a decrease in blood testosterone levels (Reed, et al 1993 Ingram, et al 1987), and even small decreases in fat intake below moderate fat intake levels, have shown a small reduction of testosterone production (Hamalainen, et al 1983). I do not intend to advocate loads of fat in order to boost testosterone levels, but I am demonstrating that too low fat diets for too long a period can adversely effect performance, and this is mainly due to insufficient intakes of EFAs.

Supplementation A Nononsense Guide To What To Take When To Take It And

For example, a study is used to trumpet the success of boron in increasing testosterone. The actual findings of the study were that boron raised the testosterone levels in POSTMENO-PAUSAL WOMEN. There was no evidence in the study that boron raised the testosterone level in either female or male athletes. In fact there is evidence out there that it doesn't. But the study is used nonetheless and probably hooks more than a few bodybuilders on evidence that is total fiction. This goes on all the time.

The ingredients used in this mixture is as follows protein powder Meal Replacement a carbohydrate powder glutamine

The reason you need to consume it so quickly is for a couple of reasons. The first is that your body's rate of protein synthesis doubles following your workout. This is the perfect time to load your body up on protein. The second is immediately following exercise your body is in a catabolic state because your cortisol levels are rising. And we know one of the keys to building muscle is keeping our cortisol levels down and testosterone levels up.

Principle 7 If you are in the longer than one hour you are making friends not training

Since this value is very strongly correlated to strength gains (r 0.86), one may infer that training under depressed androgen levels is counter-productive, since the catabolic effects of the glucocorticoids would negate the anabolic effects of the androgens. Apparently an hour pause is sufficient to allow the testosterone levels to normal. This is why modern strength training has evolved to multiple daily sessions from the traditional two-hour workouts.

Why Was Testosterone King

Action Reaction, remember For this reason, testosterone, like all other AAS, tipped the scale of the anabolic catabolic ratio in favor of anabolism or growth. The high androgenic environment created by elevated testosterone levels also aided in increased glycogen synthesis and storage in muscle tissue, and improved recovery.

Its All About The Timing

When trying to lose weight, the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you choose can either help or hinder your composition changes. In essence, some carbohydrates are better than others because they better control the entry of sugar into your blood, moderating your insulin levels and leading to less fat gain. Some proteins are better than others because different proteins have different rates of entry into the bloodstream, and these properties, if utilized at the right times of the day, can improve your quest for new brawn. And some fats are better than others because certain fats can actually speed up your metabolism, increase testosterone production, and increase the amount of fat you burn. Therefore, by choosing your food wisely and eating the right foods at the right times, even if you're eating the same number of calories each day, you can effectively alter the composition of your weight gain and weight loss, and you'll reap the health benefits of a better diet composition.

Vitamins And Minerals

There are 3 supplements that are available at health food stores that are considered hormone pre-cursors. All 3 can increase testosterone levels which, in turn, may increase muscle strength and muscle size. The following are not recommended for women. ANDROSTENEDIONE are closer precursors to testosterone than DHEA and, therefore, can increase testosterone levels higher than DHEA. In fact, a single 100 mg dose taken 1 to 2 hours before training has been shown to boost testosterone levels by up to 300 for a short time (about 2 hours). My opinion is that over a 4 to 5 week period use, men can build more muscle and strength than without having used it. However, there is a caveat. The increased testosterone levels produced by this product may subsequently cause the testes, which make the vast majority of testosterone, to decrease their production of testosterone. The net effect the androstenedione continues to increase testosterone levels, but the testes compensate and TRJBULUS may be the...

Mutations in nuclear genes affecting mtDNA maintenance

The first description of a disease with autosomal-dominant inheritance and multiple mtDNA deletions goes back to 1989 (Zeviani et al., 1989). Multiple mtDNA deletions have been associated with several clinical manifestations, which in most cases present after the first decade of life. The most common, albeit not constant, symptom is progressive external ophthalmoplegia (PEO) with the variable addition of exercise intolerance, recurrent myoglobinuria, ataxia, parkinsonism, major depression, peripheral neuropathy, hypogonadism and cardiomyopathy (Zeviani et al., 1990 Cormier et al., 1991 Ohno et al., 1991 Servidei et al., 1991 Haltia et al., 1992 Suomalainen et al., 1992a Prelle et al., 1993 Checcarelli et al., 1994 Kawashima et al., 1994 Takei et al., 1995 Ville-Ferlin et al., 1995 Bohlega et al., 1996 Campos et al., 1996a Chalmers et al., 1996 Fabrizi et al., 1996 Melberg et al., 1996a Suomalainen et al., 1997 Carrozzo et al., 1998 Federico et al., 1998 Melberg et al., 1998 Nishizuka...

Bodybuilding during Pregnancy

If a bodybuilder finds out she is pregnant, I would suggest that she tone down her training to using light weights only, at low intensity. It is important to seek advice from your doctor, health visitor or midwife concerning exercise. If the pregnancy is planned and you are actively trying for a baby, I would also reduce training intensity, as intense exercise can raise natural testosterone levels in women affecting the reproductive hormone balance.

What Affects Testosterone Production Sex Drive and Libido

When testosterone levels decline, sex drive and libido diminishes. There are many reasons for inadequate testosterone production. Some of them are related to disease and others to lifestyle stressors, diet, and agmgi Id like to discuss the most common things that affect testosterone production, and therefore sex drive and libido. As noted, there is a connection between diet and potency and bad diets can negatively affect testosterone levels in the blood. Chronic low-calorie and crash diets, mineral deficiencies of zinc, magnesium, copper, or iodine, protein, or essential fatty acid deficiencies, all may cause low testosterone production in the short or long run. Considering all the above, a healthy diet that supplies all essential nutrients, and therefore energy, as well as stress management methods, such as relaxation techniques, regular exercise, and a proper nutritional program that helps slow the aging process, are all natural methods that work as a first defense against low...

The Iron Brotherhood Stack

Fertility medication which causes an increase of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Clomid is utilized to prevent the loss of gains made in size after the completion of a cycle, when endogenous testosterone levels are far below normal. Clomid also is known for it's mild anti-estrogen properties, although not as effective as Nolvadex or Proviron, it reduces the chances of gyno starting until the natural hormonal levels are back to normal.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are natural substances, classified as pro-hormones, which, in theory, raise natural testosterone levels 2-3 times, and are said to be 'natural' alternatives to anabolic steroids. Testosterone boosters are very controversial and some will probably be banned in most countries in the very near future in fact laws have recently changed in the USA whereby products containing testosterone boosters must be labelled with proper warnings. When they do get banned, I think you can say 'goodbye' to testosterone boosters altogether, as consumers currently use them because they view them as 'natural'. If they are banned they will be viewed as 'unnatural', so why use them when other 'unnatural' substances, like anabolic steroids, are more effective Androstenedione is the next step up from DHEA in the chemical synthesis of testosterone. It has also been found naturally occurring in the pollen of Scotch pine trees, so may be classed as a dietary supplement. Reasonable amounts of...

Hormone Synergy More things to think about

As we know there is bound (inactive) testosterone and free (active) testosterone. Only the unbound free testosterone is capable of inducing an anabolic androgenic action. Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) binds about 98-99 of total testosterone within the blood stream. So a daily plasma threshold level of 100 mg of testosterone would only allow about a 1-2 mg active or free testosterone level at any given time. And what amazing things that 1-2 mg have done. Testosterone also suppresses fat storage enzymes.

Vastus Intermedius Lateralis And Medialis

Brand name of sildenafil, a selective type 5 cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which enhances nitric-oxide-dependent vasodilation in the corpus cavernosum, thus increasing erectile response in males suffering from impotence note that viagra does not initiate or increase sexual drive or desire or affect testosterone levels.

Other thermogenics norephedrine synephrine and yohimbe

Additionally, yohimbe, especially the herbal form, can cause all kinds of weird ass side-effects. People often report a combination of sweats and chills along with a feeling that their heart is going to come out of their chest when they exercise (yohimbe also improves blood flow to the genitals which can lead to some potential embarrassment at the gym it does not, contrary to popular belief, affect testosterone levels). Finally, yohimbe is best used prior to aerobic activity (the aerobics are necessary to burn off the now mobilized fatty acids) although it still might have an effect for a lean dieter doing the crash diet without aerobics.

More Action Reaction For More Action

Males that experience hyperprolactinemia commonly develop hypogonadism (the shut down of the HPTA) with decreased sperm production, decreased sex drive and impotence. Those affected normally show breast enlargement (gynecomastia), but very rarely actually lactate. The gyno can initially manifest itself as an increase in fatty tissue under the lower pectorals and a puffy appearance to the areola and nipple.

Estrogen ControlHPTA Regeneration Example

Also Menotropins (75 iu twice daily with HCG injections) is another replacement for LH or can be utilized with HCG for a double LH kick. Normal adult male testosterone levels are 300-1000 ng dl and are evaluated by a blood test. Remember different countries labs use more or less conservative reference ranges. Note . Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6 are necessary co-factors for endogenous androgen production and significantly elevate free or unbound testosterone levels from any source. There are several nighttime specialty products available at health food stores of this nature.

Aas Positively Effect

The third way testosterone affects fat synthesis is not positive. When testosterone levels are elevated, more is converted into estrogens by way of the conversion enzyme aromatase. This is called aromatization, an important word to understand before reading the rest of this book Estrogen in turn increases female pattern fat deposits and suppresses HPTA function. Atleast estrogen can increase GH production.

Does 3500 Calories Equal One Pound Of

Yes, expending 3500 calories will lead to a pound of fat loss. However, an individual can burn body fat, even by expending less than 3500 per week. If a person walks very briskly for an hour, he may be able to expend 200-250 calories. Though it would take a bit more than 2 weeks to burn off a pound of body fat (3500 calories), it may be more beneficial over the long term because a less aggressive approach to expending calories is akin to a mild reduction in calories. That is, going overboard and trying to burn off huge amounts of calories with excessive amounts of exercise will back fire as quickly and as dramatic as reducing calories. Extremely heavy bouts of exercise increase Cortisol levels in men and women which is a stress hormone with muscle wasting capabilities. In effect, over exercising causes the over secretion of this hormone which, in turn, promotes the burning of lean body mass So, the extremely heavy exercisers engaging in hours upon hours of aerobic work each week will...

Additional Supplements

Flaxseed Oil - Flaxseed Oil is a great supplement. Flaxseed not only provides essential fatty acids but also improves stamina and endurance, shortens recovery time, and reduces soreness. Flax has also been shown to raise testosterone levels. Supplementing with flaxseed oil will help you maximize testosterone production. I supplement with Flaxseed oil in the morning and evening.

If youre in the gym longer than one hour you are making friends not training

Correlated to strength gains (r 0.86), one may infer that training under depressed androgen levels is counter-productive, since the catabolic effects of the glucocorticoids would negate the anabolic effects of the androgens. Apparently an hour pause is sufficient to allow the testosterone levels to normal. This is why modern strength training has evolved to multiple daily sessions from the traditional two-hour workouts.

Autosomaldominantrecessive PEO with multiple mtDNA deletions

In ad ar PEO, muscle weakness and exercise intolerance are the most common symptoms. Additional manifestations, which sometimes may be the presenting symptoms, include peripheral neuropathy, ataxia, tremor, parkinsonism, mental depression, cataracts, pigmentary retinopathy, dysphagia, hypoacusia, episodic rhabdomy-olysis and hypogonadism (Zeviani et al., 1990 Servidei et al., 1991 Kaukonen et al., 1996 Melberg et al., 1996a 1996b Suomalainen et al., 1997 Melberg et al., 1998 Kaukonen et al., 1999). The MNGIE syndrome includes gastrointestinal manifestations, cachexia, leuko-encephalopathy, peripheral neuropathy and mitochondrial myopathy (Nishino et al., 2001).

With Bcaa Supplementation

The major findings of this study were 1) that an amino acid supplement high in BCAA is capable of decreasing Cortisol response of overreaching resistance training. 2) testosterone levels can be increased during overreaching resistance training accompanied by BCAA sup-pi cmentadon and 3) train men consuming BCAAs can decrease markers of skeletal muscle damage (creatine kinase) while participating in high-intensity resistance training. Results of this study support previous findings indicating amino acid supplementation enhances recovery from overreaching by attenuating skeletal muscle breakdown, indicated by significant decreases in creatine kinase levels following exercise (2). An interesting finding in this study is that results were achieved with low relative and absolute amino acid supplementation. The do&age used was lower than that used io other studies showing improvements. ItTs known that insufficient plasma availability of BCAAs (i.e. low dosage and splanchnic and...

Estrogen Control NOT Elimination

When I chose not to increase Testosterone Suspension dosages to accommodate the plasma increase from Equipoise, I choose Testosterone Enanthate. How was that done Go back and look at example 2 B. I followed the schedule for Testosterone Enanthate as exampled and doubled the Equipoise dosages. The result was a 200mg d plasma threshold level. I know several very advanced athletes who favored this layered combination for Max Androgen Phases.

The hormonal response to weight training

Set) and long rest periods (3-5 minutes). Studies have found a regimen of 3X5RM with 3' rest to increase testosterone significantly in men (67,68,72) but not in women (69). It is unknown whether the transient increase in testosterone following training has an impact on muscle growth.

Inside Tip Instead of paying supplement prices from a bodybuilding company you can save a lot by buying maltodextrin

Branched Chain Amino Acids- Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They help aid in the repair, growth and development of muscle tissue. The 3 amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine cannot be made within the body and therefore must be supplied through supplementation. Also helps raise your testosterone levels if taken during exercise. Flaxseed oil- This is a fatty acid, which is rich in Omega-3 fats. These fats are essential for life and studies have shown an increase in these fatty acids can raise testosterone levels significantly. Supplementing your diet with 2030 of flaxseed oil is a must for any bodybuilder serious about maximizing testosterone production. Tribulus terrestris- A potent herb that has been shown in a number of scientific studies to raise testosterone levels by up to 30 . By raising your luteinizing hormone it directly raises your testosterone levels. Best used as a stack with pro-hormones.

Those Are Very Nice Breasts You Have There

As most bodybuilders know, testosterone is a major factor in the success of everyone's training progress. Studies done on long distance runners have shown a severe depletion in testosterone levels. It stands to reason. Any long-term stressful condition will cause a severe drop in testosterone. Long duration stress is also extremely catabolic in that it overly taxes the endocrine system. This could lead to a slower metabolism -- just the thing you're looking for if a tighter body is your objective.

Blood Screening Test Applications

Another test athletes benefited from was a serum testosterone estrogen panel. Obviously, this was useful only after AAS had been discontinued for at least 2 months. The panel shows total and free testosterone estrogen levels as well as a normal reference range. The use of HCG Clomid, and Proviron usually corrected low testosterone levels and Proviron or Teslac usually normalized estrogen levels. These use of these measures have been known to throw test results off as well, if they were not discontinued for about a months before re-testing. By the way, Nolvadex did show up as estrogen if taken during testing periods. Like I had to explain that

Male Hormone Synthesis

When testosterone levels are too high the testes signal the hypothalamus to release less LHRH and then the boy's production process decreases or stops. It is quite interesting that elevated estrogen levels can signal a production decrease for androgens, such as testosterone, far more significantly than any androgen. Please, read that again to be sure you understand the basic HPTA function. It does relate heavily to the effects and effectiveness of exogenous (occurring outside the body) AAS use by athletes. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FUNCTION TO PROTECT

Changing the Way You

I'll discuss fat in a later chapter, but one of the problems with low-fat diets is that they can suppress the manufacture of testosterone, the hormone that contributes to the growth of muscle and the burning of fat. When testosterone levels are low, your body stores fat like squirrels store nuts. In one study, men with higher testosterone were 75 percent less likely to be obese than men with lower levels of testosterone. Many diets also fail because they don't take advantage of the single most powerful nutrient for building muscle and increasing your metabolism protein.

What does the research have to say

One early study found 1600 mg per day of DHEA (a very high dose of DHEA) reduced body fat and increased muscle mass in men, with later studies done by the same group and others failing to find that effect. Another study conducted in 1999 confirmed that supplementation of 150 mg day DHEA for 8 weeks, in combination with a resistance training program had no effect on testosterone levels, strength, or lean mass in younger men. This result was echoed by a different research group, that found 100 mg day DHEA resulted in small, non-significant increases in strength and lean mass in middle-aged, strength-training men over a 12 week period.

And then there are drugs

Still not convinced A single example should help to make my point. In natural (read non drug using) individuals who have dieted down to extremely low bodyfat levels, say 5 , you see a common hormonal pattern. Testosterone levels are typically bottomed out (some studies even find castrate levels, which is why a lot of natural contest bodybuilders can't get their dick hard, not that they have a sex drive in the first place), thyroid levels are bottomed out, IGF-1 levels are bottomed out, sympathetic nervous system output is way down meaning decreased caloric and fat burning, appetite is through the roof, cortisol is through the roof, on and on it goes. This makes good evolutionary sense at 5 bodyfat, you are starving to death. Your body is turning off every system (metabolic, reproductive, immune, etc.) that it can to keep you alive until you get some food.

Your body hates you

If you look at pro bodybuilders in their early stages, they are still typically leaner and bigger than the normal individual. From a physiological standpoint, they probably have higher than average testosterone levels and don't overproduce cortisol. Thyroid levels are probably optimal or close to it, helping to naturally optimize metabolic rate, fat burning and protein synthesis.

Testosterone What Does It Do

When discussing the characteristics of testosterone or its androgen cousins and synthetic AAS relatives, it is important to understand the difference between free (or active) testosterone and bound (or inactive) testosterone AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids). Bound testosterone is inactive because it is bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and to a lesser degree, albumin. The sex-steroid molecules are bound by SHBG contained in the blood, which prevents them from fitting into their receptors. That will be explained later. Free (unbound active) testosterone is able to transmit its characteristics because it fits into receptors. Bound testosterone equals about 97-99 of total testosterone circulation while free testosterone equals 1-3 of total testosterone. Males have a total testosterone reference range of 225-950 ng dl (nanograms per decaliter). And a free testosterone reference range for males is 1-3 of the total testosterone reference range. Females have a total testosterone...

Essential Fats

Studies have shown that dietary fat has a direct relationship with testosterone production. An increase in dietary fat intake seems to bring on an increase in testosterone levels.3 The inverse is also true. A decrease in dietary fat intake is usually accompanied by a decrease in free testosterone levels.4 These fatty acids not only help increase testosterone production, but they also aid in the prevention of muscle breakdown, help to increase your HDL level (good cholesterol) and assist in hormone production.5 As stated earlier, if your diet is too low in fat, your testosterone levels will decrease. That's exactly what we don't want.

Fat Requirements

It's well known that a particular hormonal milieu is needed to increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat in response to exercise. For example, a weight lifter with inadequate testosterone levels will find it virtually impossible to add muscle mass even though he is weight training and eats well. Testosterone is generally considered the king of anabolic hormones, especially in men. Anything that can positively and safely effect testosterone levels is considered a plus for athletes concerned with building muscle and increasing strength. Although essential for increasing muscle mass, testosterone has many functions in the human body ranging from libido to immunity to depression. So an increase in testosterone levels can have many positive applications.

End Side

Although high carbohydrate low fat diets have been all the rage for the past decade or so, it may be particularly hard on testosterone levels. It appears high carb low fat diets are not the best way to optimize testosterone production. The study found a statistically significant drop in serum testosterone levels (from 22.7 + - 1.1 nmol l to 19.3 + - 1.2 nmol l), free testosterone and other androgens (Hamalainen, E., et al, 1984). This study also found that a higher ratio of saturated fat to poly unsaturated fat was positively correlated with higher testosterone levels. For example, one study that had two groups eating approximately the same ratios and amounts of carbohydrates and fats, found a mixed diet that included animal products resulted in higher testosterone levels than a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (Raben, A. et al, 1992). Several other studies appear to confirm the effects of dietary fats on testosterone levels, as well as other dietary variables (Dorgan, J.F., et al, 1996...


While the drop in insulin mentioned above causes better fat mobilization, it causes other problems. One is that testosterone will bind to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) better, lowering free testosterone levels (this is in addition to the drop in total testosterone). As well, insulin is anti-catabolic to muscle, inhibiting muscle breakdown. The increase in cortisol that occurs with dieting enhances protein breakdown as well as stimulating the conversion of protein to glucose in the liver. Additionally, a fall in energy state of the muscle impairs protein synthesis (although it increases fatty acid oxidation). The mechanism behind this is more detail than I want to get into here. But the combined effect of these processes is that protein synthesis is decreased and breakdown is accelerated this causes muscle loss.


I suggest a daily intake of 30 percent lean protein. Good sources of protein are chicken breasts, all types of fish, beef with a low fat content (in moderation), soy products, and whey products. Protein is a stabilizing food that assists in insulin management, the building of lean muscle, and immune function. For men, ingesting adequate amounts of protein daily helps stop the decrease in testosterone levels that they experience as they age. An article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism states, Diets low in protein lead to increases in sex hormone-binding globulin in older men, potentially reducing the availability of testosterone and causing loss of muscle mass, red cell mass and bone density. Getting adequate protein also helps avoid or slow bone loss in women, especially after menopause.


Higher testosterone levels are good for adding LBM, minimizing body fat, having a healthy libido, etc. but can have negative consequences too. Male pattern baldness, acne, oily skin, and benign prostatic hyperplasia are all potential consequences of increased testosterone due to conversion to DHT. So it's not surprising that there would be a market for compounds that might be anabolic without producing androgenic effects.

Getting Lean

Training that gives the body a reason to hold onto muscle tissue in a calorie deprived state and holding onto your mass is a vital factor in keeping the metabolic rate elevated making fat loss easy. Furthermore, cuts in calories greater than 15 can decrease testosterone levels, the muscle friendly hormone, in male bodybuilders. Large caloric deficits also promote a down regulation in metabolism. The job of a fat cell is two fold pounds max) a week or you do not visually appear leaner. Just as there is no reason to severely cut calories to stimulate fat breakdown, there is no reason to go overboard with a drastic output in calories in an attempt to get leaner. When 3 - thirty minute sessions no longer seem suffice, add more, slowly and gradually, to build to no more than 45 minutes 5 to 6 times a week. The problem with too much cardio (more than my recommendation) is it can devour energy levels so you can not train hard, and hamper recovery ability so you can not recover from the...

Tribulus terrestris

At this point, companies marketing tribulus would be better off funding a real study to validate this product as it relates to athletes and testosterone levels, rather than spending the money on advertising. So, where does this leave us Personally, I would be cautious before parting with my money for the stuff. So far, the hype over tribulus far exceeds its worth to athletes. For increasing muscle mass or testosterone levels, tribulus gets a thumb's down at this time.


Chasteberry (also called vitex) has recently gained attention as a way to boost the natural production of testosterone in men. Chasteberry contains flavonoids, terpenes, and sterols, all phy-tochemicals known for drug-like effects. The particular phytochemicals in chasteberry have been suggested to raise testosterone concentrations and therefore build muscle mass and strength. While early investigations suggest that testosterone concentrations may increase modestly in men supplementing with chasteberry, it is not known whether this will translate into improved muscle building or strength. In fact, the small increases seen in testosterone concentrations with some herbal formulae are not typically correlated with improvements in muscle mass unless an individual is hypogonadal (producing too little testosterone naturally).

Nuts and olive oil

WHY THEY MAKE THE LIST Nuts are high in monounsaturated fat, as is olive oil. So are peanut butter and avocados, for that matter. Monounsaturated fat has been linked to lower heart-disease risk, a faster metabolic rate, higher testosterone levels, and lower rates of dementia (possibly because of the vitamin E in the nuts).


According to Richard Strauss, MD of Ohio State University, severe weight loss programs in male collegiate wrestlers lowers testosterone levels. This serves as a double whammy on fat control. We know severe dieting causes a shedding of muscle mass and an overall adaptation in metabolism which makes fat loss more problematic. Now we learn serve dieting pushes down testosterone levels which are important in maintaining muscle mass and metabolism.

Consider This

As to effective, well blood tests revealed significant total testosterone increases of well over 400 and even better free testosterone levels. The creator obviously knew a thing or two. Be aware, I am not suggesting anyone inject or miss use this product for any illegal purpose. However, this does not mean that some have and with remarkable results such as over 2 inches increase in arm diameter, much wider delts, and an obvious improvement in overall body size and composition. Where such practices are legal this and other Hazardous Materials products may have been a natural bodybuilders dream come true and chemically assisted bodybuilders so-called best friend. I will briefly tell you about a few of their products. Personally, I have not received anything in return for this nor is this an endorsement. It was just rare to find effective products on the market that were legal in the United States.

Volume Training

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in a previous chapter, most people's bodies aren't very good at doing two things at once. Refilling muscle glycogen and growing new muscle tissue counts as two things, and most people can't do both effectively. Since refilling energy stores takes priority (and protein synthesis is energetically costly), most people will refill muscle glycogen first, which may not leave time, energy or fuel for much muscle growth. The people who grow well with pump training are the folks who can do both efficiently the folks who can't don't. Most folks can't. Trainers who have either naturally high testosterone levels (testosterone improves glycogen storage, yet another advantage of steroid use), high insulin sensitivity (meaning they better push nutrients into muscle cells) or use various drugs grow best on pump training. This doesn't describe your average trainee.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa, better known as wild oat, is an annual grass, which is cultivated for its edible grain. It has the effect of increasing free testosterone levels (the testosterone that can be used by the body). While the mechanism under which it exerts this benefit is not clear, it is suspected that it occurs through an increase in LH levels, just like Tribulus. Because there seems to be a synergism between Tribulus and Avena Sativa, Biotest Labs included both herbs in their product Tribex 500. I take in 3 capsules twice a day on an empty stomach only from Monday through Friday.

Brain Boosters

Boosting your dopamine will improve your mood, making you more alert and excited to face the day. High dopamine is linked to an increase of growth hormone. In an indirect way, dopamine keeps testosterone levels high by blocking prolactin (the hormone that stimulates milk production).

Don The Ripper Ross

Workouts exceeding the one-hour mark have been shown to be associated with rapidly decreasing androgen levels. This shift in androgens probably upsets the testosterone-cortisol ratio. Since this value is very strongly correlated to strength gains, one may infer that training under depressed androgen levels is counterproductive, since the catabolic effects of the glucocorticoids would negate the anabolic effects of the androgens. Apparently an hour pause is sufficient to allow the testosterone levels to return to normal. This is why modern strength training has evolved to multiple daily sessions rather than the grueling two-hour workouts popularized in the Arnold days.

The Australia Stack

Fertility medication which causes an increase of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Clomid is utilized to prevent the loss of gains made in size after the completion of a cycle, when endogenous testosterone levels are far below normal. Clomid also is known for it's mild anti-estrogen properties, although not as effective as Nolvadex or Proviron, it reduces the chances of gyno starting until the natural hormonal levels are back to normal. Fertility medication which causes an increase of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Clomid is utilized to prevent the loss of gains made in size after the completion of a cycle, when endogenous testosterone levels are far below normal. Clomid also is known for it's mild anti-estrogen properties, although not as effective as Nolvadex or Proviron, it reduces the chances of gyno starting until the natural hormonal levels are back to normal.

Gender Differences

The largest difference between male and female trainees is in the ultimate level of muscular development which can occur. The majority of this difference in trainability is due to differences in testosterone levels. Women have lower levels of testosterone at rest (65,86) and do not show the same increase from training as men (1,69).

Stay Away From These

Many bodybuilders have looked on ginseng, first identified as useful in Chinese medicine, as a mild tonic that increases workout intensity and recovery ability, but I've found it largely useless to the bodybuilder. It also seems to adversely affect testosterone levels in the body and may thus set the athlete back in training to some degree.

Creatine Monohydrate

PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE (PS) is a supplement that can potentially off set muscle soreness and improve muscle recovery. It isn't one of the glamour supplements touted by many supplement companies, but it has some science behind it. PS is a phospholipid. It's part of cell membranes, the outer coating of all cells in the body including muscle fibers. In the early 1990s scientists in Italy reported athletes taking 800 mgs of PS a day for ten days decreased the release of Cortisol after exercise. 1) That's important because less Cortisol means less stress to the body which could boost recovery and growth. Other studies not only showed decreased Cortisol release, but an improvement in well- being. Simply stated, those taking PS reported feeling better.(2) Dieting bodybuilders, engaged in daily aerobic sessions and 1 or even 2 training sessions in the gym will likely experience increases in Cortisol which could not only affect recovery and even lower testosterone levels, but simply

The Formulas

Acetyl-L-carnitine or acylcarnitine is linked to L-carnitine. When L-carnitine is introduced in the body, acetylcarnitine levels rise, but its been found that acetylcarnitine has beneficial properties of its own. Acylcarnitine has been shown as a boon to testosterone levels.54,55 It's also become a compound of great interest because of its positive effect on aspects of aging and the


Androstenedione, a sex steroid precursor to testosterone, is marketed to increase blood testosterone levels and as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids. It is believed to increase muscle size and strength, as well as increasing libido. However, some studies have shown that androstenedione has no effect on testosterone levels in the body. (35) The use of androstenedione was popularized when a professional baseball player admitted to using it the year he hit a record number of home runs. Although legal in baseball, androstenedione is banned by the International Olympic Committee, the National Football League, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Even though androstenedione may benefit athletes, it is dangerous and potentially deadly. (36) If this substance does increase testosterone levels, side effects may occur that are similar to those associated with androgenic-anabolic steroids, including kidney and liver damage, acne, premature baldness, enlarged prostate,...


Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) has been hypothesised that it may help reduction in testosterone levels, but there are no good studies to show this. It is also claimed that ALC may have protective effects on brain and heart tissue and may even be involved in controlling blood lipids.

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