This stretch tests the flexibility in your quadriceps (front of your thighs). Knowing where your tightness lies allows you to focus on stretches that improve your range of motion in this muscle group.

To stretch your quads, follow these steps:

1. Stand up tall and place your left hand on a stable surface.

Your surface can be a chair, wall, doorway, or fence — anything that's sturdy and helps you keep your balance in the next steps.

2. Inhale and lift your right foot behind you and grab hold of your ankle or the top of your foot with your right hand (see Figure 3-8).

3. Exhale and gently move your knee back, trying to line it up next to your left knee.

Don't force your heel to touch your right buttocks.

4. Make a note on your Flexibility Self-Evaluation Worksheet at what place on the clock your knee points.

8:00 is very tight.

7:00 is tight.

6:00 is good flexibility.

5. Repeat this stretch on your left side.

Figure 3-8:

A flexibility test for your quads.

Figure 3-8:

A flexibility test for your quads.

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