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Bodyfat loss is another benefit that proper strength training affords the trainee. This benefit of a resistance-training program is a result of three factors. The first is that an increase in muscle mass raises the resting metabolic rate of the body, thus burning more calories in a twenty-four-hour period. The second is that calories are burned during the strength-training activity as well as being burned, and at a higher rate, following the cessation of the workout while the body undergoes replenishment of exhausted energy reserves and repairs damaged tissues. Third, as discussed, while the muscles empty themselves of glycogen, glucose is moved out of the bloodstream and into the muscle, lowering the bloodstream's insulin levels. When this happens, the amount of triacylglycerol in the liver and in the circulation falls. This lower insulin level translates to less bodyfat storage.

This third component is a process that occurs in both directions almost completely irrespective of calorie balance. That's why when morbidly obese people are put on low-calorie diets but are not performing high-intensity exercise, and their carbohydrates are not restricted enough to affect their insulin levels, they find it impossible to lose bodyfat.

The substance responsible for mobilizing bodyfat is hormone-sensitive lipase, which is especially sensitive to both epinephrine and insulin. In the face of epinephrine, hormone-sensitive lipase will mobilize fatty acids out of the fat cells for emergency energy usage, but in the presence of insulin, the action of hormone-sensitive lipase is inhibited. When you perform high-intensity strength training, epinephrine stimulates an amplification cascade of hormone-sensitive lipase, allowing the liberation of fatty acids from the fat cells, to begin the fat-mobilization process. This outcome is a dividend of high-intensity exercise itself, irrespective of calorie balance.

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The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

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