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Mike Avery is the author of the quit smoking magic program. He is an ex-smoker (20 year habit) and a researcher who has carried out lots of tests on this topic for many years. He used himself as a test subject, after trying everything you can think of to stop smoking. He then tested his quit smoking magic theory on himself and got the results needed. Mike Avery's program of quit smoking magic has successfully helped hundreds of people all over the world quit smoking, including his family members and co- workers. He should be trusted because he has been in the shoes of being a smoker and has cured himself from smoking addiction. So if you are planning on doing the same, you should go to the one person who understands what you are going through. This program will provide you with information about smoking in general and ways on how to stop the smoking addiction from eating you up. Its contents are based on real-life experiences rather than theories that were imagined by someone. It is an e-book program on the subject of quitting smoking and comes with three different bonus e-books on the following topics; how to whiten your teeth, end bad breath and how to clean your lungs. Purchasing this program does not require you to have any technical skill to be able to use it, it only requires you to read and understand. Continue reading...

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Smoke Free In One Hour

Joan Chionilos is the person behind the smoke free in one hour program. She has been a hypnotherapist for more than 18 years. She has been certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, which is the oldest and largest association of hypnotherapists you can find in the world, so she can be trusted. She has dedicated her entire career to helping people quit smoking for good with the use of hypnosis. With her expertise in hypnotherapy, you should expect nothing but results when you purchase her product. Her methods has helped lots of people all around the world quit smoking for good, your case will not be different. This is a digital product that contains one hour of professional hypnosis recording. Smoke free in one hour is an effective one-hour stop smoking hypnosis session. This hypnosis session works to eliminate your cigarette cravings at the same time it increases your willpower. It is available online for download for you to use at home. It is very easy to use. This program has been designed for anyone who is ready to quit smoking once and for all. All you need to do is to get comfortable, sit back, relax and listen to this recording. You will not regret your decision. Continue reading...

Smoke Free In One Hour Summary

Contents: Hypnosis Recording
Creator: Joan Chionilos
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Price: $37.00

The Painless Stop Smoking Cure

You get a special 5-Part Video Series that will explain to you Why you had so much difficulties so far to quit smoking and which Five easy steps you need to take to get rid of your mental addiction. Once you make this mental shift, you can stop smoking without any cravings or having the feeling to give up your cigarette! 100% Guaranteed! You'll discover: .The reason why most smokers fail. (NO, it's not your fault!) Why patches, gums etc really can't help you and cause 94.6% of smokers to restart the bad habit. Five easy steps to become a Free, Happy Non-Smoker. The Three typical characteristics of the will-power method and why this is so hard to do. You're about to discover a method to stop smoking that is so different from everything you have ever tried. Stop Smoking sits between your ears. Continue reading...

The Painless Stop Smoking Cure Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Eric Eraly


Nicotine harms sleep in many ways, like caffeine, nicotine produces faster brain waves, heart rate, and breathing rate, and an increased amount of stress hormones in your blood. Generally, if you smoke you can't expect to get quality sleep, the stimulant effects of nicotine will prevent you from sleeping deeply, as nicotine is a poison to your whole body. Nicotine puts your whole system, including your body temperature rhythm, totally out of balance. If you want to improve your sleep, your best choice would be to quit smoking. While in this book I won't give specific methods and information on that, I would like to point out that I can provide you with some extremely powerful information to help you quit. If you want to make the decision to quit smoking, contact us at Questions

Take a Giant Stride Toward Good Health

Fitness and good health are not as instant as boil-in-the-bag meals. There is one thing you can do, however, that will immediately start you on the right road to feeling better, looking better, and becoming healthier If you smoke, quit. Now. Participate in the Great American Smokeout, an annual nationwide stop-smoking initiative. Do whatever it takes. Plaster a patch on your body, join a support group, undergo hypnosis. Not only will quitting be good for you, it will show you that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Smoking has been proven to be an addiction. You probably know that. If you smoke, you also know that it pollutes your lungs and predisposes you to such horrific diseases as emphysema, cancer of the lung or throat, heart disease, and stroke. Do you realize, however, that young children in a smoking household are more likely to suffer from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and even ear infections than children of nonsmokers Is that fair Even if you and your family...

Reader Success Secrets

I recently quit smoking and decided to get in shape. Going to a health food store can be overwhelming, but your article Alternative Energy October helped me understand which products are best suited to my fitness goals. Now I whip up a smoothie with ice, whey protein, banana and skim milk for breakfast and sip a recovery drink after a long, intense workout. Thanks for all your helpful advice.

Preventing Cervical Cancer

Women with cervical dysplasia may later develop cancer of the cervix, especially if the problem isn't detected and treated early on. Many women infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) have cervical dysplasia. Women who smoke are more likely to have cervical dysplasia, probably because smokers have low folic acid levels.

When Fat around the Middle Is a Health Risk

Smoking is not a good way to stay thin, contrary to popular belief. In fact, research shows that smokers tend to be fat around the waist. Scientists believe that smoking wreaks havoc on your hormonal systems, which in turn causes fat to be distributed around the midsection.

What does the research have to say

In animals, CCK is directly related to food intake. Increases in CCK will cause reductions in food intake and consequently weight loss in many animals studied, such as mice, rats, and dogs. Interestingly, new born infants who are breast-fed have much higher levels of CCK and take in less food than formula fed infants. Another interesting tid bit is that one of the ways nicotine may exert its anorectic (appetite suppressing) effects is by raising CCK. In rats exposed to nicotine, CCK levels are much higher and food intake much lower, resulting in weight loss. In humans, the exact relationship of CCK to food intake and weight loss is not as clear (so what else is new ) though CCK is clearly related on some level to food consumption. In the past few decades, the mechanisms of what signal tells people to stop eating (i.e., the satiating effect of food that terminates a meal) have been clinically investigated in animals and humans.

What Is Your Goal Weight

Most people have a pretty good sense of that number. They held that weight for a good part of their lives and found that they gained weight only after specific events, such as getting married, having kids, quitting cigarettes, starting or stopping medication or experiencing certain hormonal changes. Why not go for it

Positive Health Exploring Relevant Parameters

These examples illustrate how an individual's genotype may determine both potential for protection from developing disease as well as the risk of developing disease7. We know, for instance, that smokers vary in their risk of developing lung cancer and coronary heart disease. It is possible that within a few years we may be able to characterise people according to their genotype, and programmes of dietary and exercise interventions could be tailor-made to the individual.

Move More Look The Same

As much as I may admire the physical and mental toughness it takes to finish a marathon, it has little to do with one's health or appearance. It certainly won't enhance it. Proving how much punishment one can endure is so typical of the weekend warrior mentality. It may make for inspiring Gatorade ads, but the ability to tolerate damage is not a very accurate gauge of one's health or strength. If it were, then my friend Louie is a regular gold medal winner. He can sock away 12 beers and a pack of cigarettes in one sitting, sleep for 3 hours, eat a plate of french fries and do it again. That would kill me I wouldn't say he was in better shape than I because of it he's just able to tolerate this form of abuse better due to the fact he's built up a tolerance to it.

Reported Characteristics

*I have not found post administration thyroid function suppression from Triacana as of yet. But it is possible if use were prolonged. Obviously someone, somewhere, will somehow find a way to be the one exception who sues and does T.V. talk shows decrying the evils of this drug. No doubt while smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. (Another case of a day without the lifeguard monitoring the gene pool)

Preventing Strokes with Potassium

Even if you don't have high blood pressure, potassium could help protect you against having a stroke. If your potassium intake is low, your odds of a stroke go up, no matter what other risk factors you may have, such a cigarette smoking or being overweight. According to one long-term study of older adults, just one daily serving of a potassium-rich food could cut your risk of a stroke by an amazing 40 percent. That's just one banana, glass of orange juice, or baked potato. And if you eat more than one serving a day, your odds against a stroke might improve even more.

Nutritional Supplements Dont Even Think of Getting Along Without Them

Vitanutrients can benefit even people at the peak of health who eat an excellent diet. (Unfortunately, no matter how well we eat, our depleted soil no longer provides all the nutrients fresh produce used to yield.) I would go so far as to say that vitanutrients could extend one's lifespan. I'll cite just one example to prove my point The antioxidant group of nutrients has consistently proven to protect the body from damage by free radicals-those destructive electrons that have been implicated in cancer and heart disease as well as in accelerating the natural aging process. Even a person who eats the best possible food is not living in a perfect environment. Moreover, air pollution, tobacco smoke and other environmental toxins assault our bodies daily. Consequently, a person can maintain good health longer by taking effective doses of such antioxidants as vitamins A, C and E, plus selenium, glutathione, CoQ10 and bioflavonoids.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

In the very least, products such as this should come with a warning label, not unlike alcohol, cigarettes or OTC drugs. This is something else that will be met with grave resistance, much like the rally against labeling music. The recording industry sends out cries of censorship which is absolutely not the case. It's a warning -- something to alert the consumer of the consequences of the product they're purchasing. Use at your own risk. I know that I'd like to know what they are. I wish I knew beforehand the consequences of all the andro products I used. Instead, I put my faith in the gurus who spoke my language. But that's where the term con artist comes from. Con as in instilling confidence. It's what they do so well -- sometimes so well, you don't even know you've been conned.

Actions ofAcetylcholine and Norepinephrine on Cardiac Muscle Cells

Both the effect of ACh on potassium channels and the effect of nore-pinephrine on calcium channels are indirect effects. Recall from Chapter 9 that neurotransmitters can affect ion channels either directly (as is the case for ACh at the neuromuscular junction) or indirectly via intracellular second messengers. In the heart, the ACh released by the parasympathetic neurons binds to and activates a type of ACh receptor quite different from the nonspecific cation channel that is directly activated by ACh at the neuromuscular junction. This type of receptor is called the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (because it is activated by the drug muscarine and related compounds, as well as by ACh). The ACh receptor at the neuromuscular junction is called the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (because it is activated by the drug nicotine and related compounds). Muscarinic receptors are not themselves ion channels. Instead, the activated receptor binds to and stimulates GTP-binding proteins...

Kathleens Diet Planner

With a database of more than 30,000 foods from both the USDA and the Canadian Nutrient File, this is one of the largest on the market (see Figure B.4). It also tracks the glycemic index for foods and lets you decide what else you'd like to track, including things such as cigarettes smoked, body temperature, even headaches. This is a Canadian product, so the price is in Canadian dollars. However, the program includes a handy currency converter so you can see the price in US dollars at a glance. It doesn't have the friendliest interface in the world, but it is a pretty powerful product in any case.


Physical fitness, the emphasis of this manual, is but one component of total fitness. Some of the others are weight control, diet and nutrition, stress management, dental health, and spiritual and ethical fitness, as well as the avoidance of hypertension, substance abuse, and tobacco use. This manual is primarily concerned with issues relating directly to the development and maintenance of the five components of physical fitness.

Carotenes and CARET

Recently a major study that was supposed to prove the positive effects of beta carotene against lung cancer turned out to suggest just the opposite. The Beta Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial (better known as CARET) studied the effects of beta carotene and Vitamin A supplements on people who had been or still were heavy smokers. The researchers expected that the people who took the supplements would have lower rates of lung cancer. In fact, they ended up with higher rates. The researchers were so upset by the results that they stopped the study nearly two years early. Does all this mean that excitement about beta carotene is just so much hype Not at all numerous other studies show over and over that people with high beta carotene levels are generally healthier. For now, the one thing the CARET study suggests for sure is that people who smoke shouldn't take beta carotene supplements.


Affirmations are hard to do because people have a natural tendency to return to homeostasis, to what is comfortable, to avoid change. But habits are learned and can be unlearned. If you put in three weeks repeating affirmations to yourself, you'll be amazed at the results. The formula for affirmations is to put what you want to happen in the first person, present tense, in a positive statement, as if it has already taken place. I weigh 165 pounds. I am earning 40,000. I am a non-smoker.

Final Thoughts

I am an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, and own my own studio in Chatham, New Jersey. I teach aerobics and weight training at the studio, and at a number of corporations in Morris County. I also provide fitness consulting services, including running programs at one client's on-site fitness center, and coordinating classes in stress reduction, exercise, and smoking cessation for another client.


We can hear the cynics citing the examples of world-class athletes like Olympic figure skating champion Scott Hamilton and 1999 Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, who were both diagnosed with testicular cancer. (When Jim Fixx, an avid runner and author, died of heart failure some people said, Why bother ) True, exceptions abound we all know an uncle who drank a pint of whiskey and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day who died dancing with his 23-year-old girlfriend at the age of 103. But the irrefutable bottom line is that exercise combined with a healthy diet will lower your risks of getting cancer.

Stay Away From These

Nicotine is also used by some athletes in the belief it will increase performance. It can enter the body through smoking, chewing tobacco or snuff, nicotine gum, or by nicotine patches. Smoking is the most common and least desirable way to take nicotine. When combined with the over 2000 other chemical substances in a cigarette, nicotine acts as an irritant and cancer-causing agent. It can also decrease the lungs' ability to clean themselves. Lung disease and cancer can result. Cigarettes also increase risks to cardiac health. Early research also shows a strong chance of lessened serum testosterone in men. The addictive nature of nicotine is well documented. While less is known about chewing tobacco and snuff, it is still certain that it's just as addictive and can greatly increase oral cancer risk. As for the nicotine gum and patches developed to help the addicted smoker kick the habit, they have far fewer adverse effects and are, of course, very preferable to smoking or other orally...

By Holly Pevzner

1 just quit smoking and m worried Am I bound to gain weight The general rule of thumb is that around a quarter of quitters put on five pounds or less, half add between five and 15, and the rest gain more, says nicotine researcher Cynthia S. Pomerleau, Ph.D., author of the new book Life After Cigarettes. The reason Nicotine, which suppresses appetite and increases metabolism, is out of your system. To keep pounds in check, don't quit right before your period, when you're prone to bloating this can be discouraging, Pomerleau says. Another trick Skip the alcohol. Full of empty calories, it chips away at your resolve to stay smoke-free. Ask your doc about nicotine replacement products or the drug Zyban to help you kick the habit. Both methods curb weight gain, Pomerleau says, and they help you get past the initial period of intense craving for a cigarette

5 Easy Ways To Stop Smoking

5 Easy Ways To Stop Smoking

Your first day without cigarettes can be difficult, but having a plan will make it easier! Learn what steps to take on the day you quit smoking.

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