The Cocktail Hormone Impact

Steroids act together, somewhat like a well-mixed cocktail of hormones. Derived from the gonadals and the adrenal glands, they indirectly enhance or inhibit each other's actions. The adrenal cortex produces three classes of steroid hormones that play important roles in the anabolic process leading to muscle gain.

Some of the adrenal hormones, such as cortisol and aldosterone, are generally considered to be the "bad guys" by bodybuilders and athletes. However, as you'll soon see, there are no good or bad steroids.

In fact, the only "bad guy" is a chronically induced substance. When anything occurs chronically, the body loses its own ability to naturally control the complex of forces that keep it alive and well. Each force— whether a cellular factor or an enzyme—regulates or mediates critical life functions. Once chronically inhibited or chronically activated, a biological process can lead to a metabolic catastrophe with severe consequences that compromise the body's ability to function.

The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

Our lives have come a long way from the Stone Age, and we are quite thankful for the various  technological advancements that have brought us so far. We still have a long way to go, but the place we are right now is quite commendable too.

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