Challenge Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

Book By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 170 pages

With Pavel Tsatsouline Running Time: 32 minutes Video #V1(a $3995 DVD #DV001 $3995

Both the Soviet Special Forces and numerous world-champion Soviet Olympic athletes used the ancient Russian Kettlebells as their secret weapon for xtreme fitness. Thanks to the kettlebell's astonishing ability to turbocharge physical performance, these Soviet supermen creamed their opponents time-and-time again, with inhuman displays of raw power and explosive strength.

Now, former Spetznaz trainer, international fitness author and nationally-ranked kettlebell lifter, Pavel Tsatsouline, delivers this secret Soviet weapon into your own hands. You NEVER have to be second best again! Here is the first-ever complete kettlebell training program—for Western shock-attack athletes who refuse to be denied—and who'd rather be dead than number two.

• Get really, really nasty—with a commando's wiry strength, the explosive agility of a tiger and the stamina of a world-class ironman

• Own the single best conditioning tool for killer sports like kickboxing, wrestling, and football

• Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you hack the fat off your meat-without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting

• Kick your fighting system into warp speed—with high-rep snatches and clean-and-jerks

' Develop steel tendons and ligaments-with a whiplash power to match • Effortlessly absorb ballistic shocks—and laugh as you shrug off the hardest hits your opponent can muster Go ape on your enemies-with gorilla shoulders and tree-swinging traps

The Russian Kettlebell thalleide

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"In The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Pavel Tsatsouline presents a masterful treatise on a superb old-time training tool and the unique exercises that yielded true strength and endurance to the rugged pioneers of the iron game. Proven infinitely more efficient than any fancy modern exercise apparatus, the kettlebell via Pavel's recommendations is adaptable to numerous high and low rep schemes to offer any strength athlete, bodybuilder, martial artist, or sports competitor a superior training regimen. As a former International General Secretary of the International All-Round Weightlifting Association, I not only urge all athletes to study Mr. Tsatsouline's book and try these wonderful all-round kettlebell movements, but plan to recommend that many kettlebell lifts again become part of our competitions!"—John McKean, current IAWA world and national middleweight champion

"Kettlebells are unsurpassed as a medium for increasing strength and explosive power. Thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline, I have now rewritten my training program to include kettlebell training, for athletes of all disciplines from Professional Football to Olympic sprinters."—Coach John Davies

"Everybody with an interest in the serious matter of body regulation over a lifetime should commit themselves to Pavel's genre of knowledge and his distinct techniques of writing. Any one of the dozens of suggestions you hit upon will pay for the Russian Kettlebell Challenge hundreds of times."—Len Schwartz, author of Heavyhands: the Ultimate Exercise System and The Heavyhands

Here's what you'll discover, when you possess your own copy of Pavel Tsatsouline's The Russian Kettlebell Challenge-Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

Kettlebell Soviet

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge-

Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

Book By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 170 pages #B15 $34*95 Video/DVD With Pavel Tsatsouline Running Time: 32 minutes


The History of the Russian Kettlebell—How and Why a Low-Tech Ball of Iron Became the National Choice for Super-Tech Results

Vodka, pickle juice, kettlebell lilting, and other Russian pastimes

"The working class sporf

Finally: Xtreme all around fitness!

Why Soviet science considers kettlebells to be one of the best tools for all around physical development..

Kettlebells in the Red Army

The Red Army catches on every Russian military unit equipped with K-bells the perfect physical conditioning for military personnel. .the vital combination of strength and endurance.. Girevoy sport delivers unparalleled cardio benefits why Spetznaz personnel owe much of their wiry strength, explosive agility, and stamina to kettlebells..


Special Applications-How The Russian Kettlebell Can Dramatically Enhance Your Chosen Endeavor

Kettlebells for combat sports

Russian wrestlers do lion's share of conditioning with kettlebells.. Why KB one arm snatches work better than Hindu squats..KB's strengthen respiratory muscles.. boxers appreciate newfound ability to keep on punching..KB's reduce shoulder injuries..develop the ability to absorb ballistic serious tendons and ligaments in wrists, elbows, shoulders, and back—with power to match..why kettlebell drills are better than plyometrics as a tool for developing power..KB's the tool of choice for rough sports.

Why Russian lifters train with kettlebells

Famous Soviet weightlifters start Olympic careers with KB's.. Olympic weightlifters add KB's for spectacular gains in shoulder and hip flexibility.. for developing quickness.. overhead kettlebell squats unmatchable in promoting hip and lower back flexibility for powerlifters.

Get huge with kettlebells-if you wish

Why the girya is superior to the dumbbell or barbell, for arm and chest to gain muscle size doing KB C&J's repetition one arm snatches for bulking up your back, shoulders, and biceps.. Incorporating KB's into drop sets—for greater mass and vascularity.

Video #V103 $39.95

Kettlebells for arm-wrestlers

World champion arm wrestler gives KB's two thumbs up..why the kettlebell is one of the best grip and forearm developers in existence..

Getting younger and healthier with kettlebells

The amazing health benefits of KB training.. Doctor Krayevskiy's 20-year age-reversal.. successful rehabilitation of hopeless back injuries with kettlebells.. Valentin Dikul—from broken back to All Time Historic Deadlift of 460kg, thanks to KB's..why KB's can be highly beneficial for your joints.

How kettlebells melt fat and build a powerful heart—without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics

Spectacular fat loss..enhanced metabolism.. increased growth hormone..a remarkable decrease in heart rates..


Doing It-Kettlebell Techniques Programs for Xtreme Fitness and

Why Kettlebells?

The many reasons to choose K-bells over mainstream equipment and methods.. KBs suitable for men and women young and old.. perfect for military, law enforcement and athletic teams..Gtryas—a 'working class' answer to weightlifting and plyometrics promoting shoulder and hip bet for building best-at-show muscles..highly effective for strengthening the connective tissues..fixing bad and virtually indestructible..promotes genuine 'all-around fitness'—strength, explosiveness, flexibility, endurance, and fat loss.

The program minimum

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge woikout: the program-maximum

Pavel's own free style program..the top ten Russian Kettlebell Challenge training often and how long to train.. The secret key to successful frequent training..THE most effective tool of strength development.. difficulty and intensity to add Power to the People! and other drills to your kettlebell regimen

The kettlebell drills: Explode!

• Swing/snatch pull

• Clean—The key to efficient and painless shock absorption.. making the clean tougher..the pure evil of the two K-bells clean..seated hang cleans, for gorilla traps and shoulders..

DVD #BV001 $39.95

• Snatch—The one-arm snatch—Tsar of kettlebell lifts

• Under the leg pass—A favorite of the Russian military—great for the midsection.

The kettlebell drills: Grind!

• Military press—How to add and maximize tension for greater power..One hundred ways to cook the military press...The negative press the 'powerlifter's secret weapon for maximal results in your lifts ..why to lift what you can't lift.. the graduated press.. how to get more out of a 'light' weight.. the two-kettlebells press..technique for building strength and muscle mass..the 'waiter press' for strict and perfect pressing skill..

• Floor pullover and press

• Good morning stretch—Favored by Russian weightlifters, for spectacular hamstring flexibility and hip strength.

• Windmill—An unreal drill for a powerful and flexible waist, back, and hips.

• Side press—A potent mix of the windmill and the military press—"one of the best builders of the shoulders and upper back."

• Bent press—A favorite lift of Eugene Sandow's—and The Evil One.. why the best-built men in history have been bent pressers..leads to proficiency in all other to simultaneously use every muscle in your body.. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion's personal kettlebell program


Classic Kettlebell Programs from Mother


The official Soviet weightlifting textbook girevoy sport system of training

The weightlifting Yearbook girevoy sport

Three official armed forces girevoy sport

Group training with kettlebells-Red Army style

Xtreme kettlebell training-Russian Navy SEAL style

Performing snatches and other explosive kettlebell drills under water pseudo-isokinetic resistance.. how to make your muscle fibers blast into action faster than

Power To The People!

By Pa^ei Tsat50Lfline flussian Sfreijjiii Training Secwts For Every i American 7

"Power to the People! is absolute dynamite.

If there was only one book I could recommend to help you reach your ultimate physical potential, this would be it"

-Jim Wright, Ph.D., Science Editor, Flex Magazine, Weider Croup w



By Pavel Tsatsouline

8V2" x 11" 124 pages, over 100 photographs and illustrations—$34.95 #B10

Ho low would you like to own a world class body—whatever your present condition— by doing only two exercises, for twenty minutes a day?" A body so lean, ripped and powerful looking, you won't believe your own reflection when you catch yourself in the mirror.

And what if you could do it without a single supplement, without having to waste your time at a gym and with only a 150 bucks of simple equipment?

And how about not only being stronger than you've ever been in your life, but having higher energy and better performance in whatever you do?

How would you like to have an instant download of the world's absolutely most effective strength secrets? To possess exactly the same knowledge that created world-champion athletes—and the strongest bodies of their generation?"

Pavel Tsatsouline's Power to the People!-Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American delivers all of this and more.

As Senior Science Editor for Joe Weider's Flex magazine, Jim Wright is recognized as one of the world's premier authorities on strength training. Here's more of what he had to say:

"Whether you're young or old, a beginner or an elite athlete, training in your room or in the most high tech facility, if there was only one book I could recommend to help you reach your ultimate physical potential, this would be it.

Simple, concise and truly reader friendly, this amazing book contains it all—everything you need to know—what exercises (only two!), how to do them (unique detailed information you'll find nowhere else), and why.

Follow its advice and, believe it or not, you'll be stronger and more injury-resistant immediately. I guarantee it. I only wish I'd had a book like this when I first began training.

Follow this program for three months and you'll not only be amazed but hooked. It is the ultimate program for "Everyman" AND Woman! I thought I knew a lot with a Ph.D. and 40 years of training experience...but I learned a lot and it's improved my training significantly."

And how about this from World Masters Powerlifting champion and Parrillo Performance Press editor, Marty Gallagher:

"Pavel Tsatsouline has burst onto the American health and fitness scene like a Russian cyclone. He razes the sacred temples of fitness complacency and smugness with his revolutionary concepts and ideas. If you want a new and innovative approach to the age old dilemma of physical transformation, you've struck the mother-lode."

Now, It's Yours for the Taking: Irresistible Strength and a Body-to-Die-For


By Pavel Tsatsouline

Video, Running time: 47 min

Turn on Pavel's Power to the People! video and watch in amazement as you rapidly increase your strength by 20, 30, even 50 percent—often in one session!

You may, or may not, want to startle your friends, excite your lovers, scare your enemies and paralyze your neighbors with envy, but believe me, it's gonna happen when you easily absorb Pavel's breakthrough strength secrets.

Of course, what's most important is how you're gonna feel about yourself. Get real! Toss out your lame rationalizations and pathetic excuses. Stop behaving like a spoilt brat about your infantile levels of strength. Stop hating yourself for banging your head against phony training plateaus. Now you can smash through the glass ceiling of your ignorance and burst into the higher reaches of maximum performance.

Let's face it—it's a delicious feeling to be as strong as a panther—confident, sure-of-yourself, genuinely attractive, a SPECIMEN. THE GENUINE ARTICLE, stalking the streets with evident power and natural grace.

I don't care who you are or what you are, I promise you: grab Pavel's Power to the People! video IMMEDIATELY, plug yourself in—and I MEAN, PLUG YOURSELF IN—do what it says, and you won't believe the new you.

Whatever your current workout program, just download Pavel's strength techniques for an immediate improvement in your results.

• Achieve super-strength without training to muscle failure or exhaustion

• Know the secret of hacking into your 'muscle software' to magnify power and muscle

• Get super strong without putting on an ounce of weight

• Discover what it really takes to develop spectacular muscle tone

• Discover how to mold your whole body into an off-planet rock with only two exercises

• Now you can design a world class body in your basement—with $150 worth of basic weights and in twenty minutes a day

• Discover futuristic techniques to squeeze more horsepower out of your body-engine

• Discover how to maximize muscular tension and get traffic-stopping muscular definition

• Learn why it's safer to use free weights than machines

• How to achieve massive muscles and awesome strength—if that's what you want

• How to master the magic of effective exercise variation

• Know how to gain beyond your wildest dreams—with less chance of injury

• Discover a high intensity, immediate gratification technique for massive strength gains

• Discover the eight most effective breathing habits for lifting weights

• Learn the secret that separates elite athletes from 'also-rans'

Fitness Wellness For You

Fitness Wellness For You

Achieve the Fitness and Wellness for You that you have always wanted by learning the facts so you can take the right steps to maximize your health. Learn How to Achieve Real Fitness and Wellness for a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit to Improve Your Quality of Life in Today's World. Receive Valuable Information to Discover What Really Matters and What Actually Works in Finding Genuine Wholeness for All Aspects of Your Being

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