Stifflegged Deadlifts

Great for the lower back, in fact it works most of the muscles on the rear of your body from your heels to your neck.

Hold the bar with your palms facing backwards a little wider than your legs. As you lower the bar keep it close to your body at all times. They are called stiff-legged deadlifts but you can have a slight bend in the knee when doing them. Just unlock the knees a little then hold that same position. I normally do these standing on a block so I can touch the top of my feet with the bar.

Get instruction from your gym supervisor if you are not sure about them.

Get instruction from your gym supervisor if you are not sure about them.

Start very light and work up. Don't be a hero if you don't already have a strong lower back.

Do these for sets of 8 reps or more, don't muck around with low reps. These are the only exercise you don't do explosively. Keep a smooth controlled movement through the set.

These will build spinae erector muscles (the ones that run either side of your spine) like thick steel cables.

These two can be worked once a week because your legs need good recovery time and they are already being worked via running etc.

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