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Living the Spartan Lifestyle doesn't mean training yourself into the ground 24hrs a day. Sleep and rest are a vital and natural part of your life as well. Recovery only takes place during rest. You train hard then rest so your body can adapt, recover and grow.

Sleeping is not a bad thing. You will find with a large part of your diet being made up of fruit that your need for sleep may be less than normal but it is still needed.

You should really jealously guard your sleeping time. A good, enjoyable, sound sleep every night is a key to a strong immune system and lasting health.

You spend 1/3 of your LIFE asleep! So, guess what is one of the best investments you can possibly make? That's right, a top quality, comfortable bed! Get a firm mattress. You should wake up every morning feeling refreshed! If you wake up with backpain or stiffness then throw your mattress away as fast as possible and get a new one.

When I was at boarding school a lot of us were getting back pain from the ancient, soft, worn out mattresses on the beds. One day, instead of buying new mattresses or new springs for the beds, every bed had a solid wooden board nailed between the mattress and the base. Bloody cheapskates! But it worked. It was a little more uncomfortable to start with but not more bad backs.

Give the futon style beds a go if you can. They are generally great.

If you have trouble falling asleep then that is the perfect time to use

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