Newspaper Tearing

I do this twice a week with my local free community newspaper that gets delivered to my house.

After reading, take one sheet of the paper and lay it flat on a table. Then fold it in ^ five times. It should look about the size of a deck of cards (don't worry it's not as thick).

Now tear that sucker in half, and then try for quarters. Feeling good? Well stop patting yourself on the back and finish the paper, that's right, do the same with every page.

Once that gets too easy fold and tear 2 sheets at a time. Once you can do 4 sheets you will have one hell of a lot of tearing power (try for a deck of cards and impress the hell out of your friends).

Work at tearing in different ways, with different grips. Be patient and keep regularly working at it.

Size after 5 folds Tear that sucker
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