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The Epic soccer training program was developed by Matt Smith, a former All American professional soccer player who has also trained players of different skill levels, so he knows exactly what hes talking about. This training content consists of a Pdf format workbook and 4 modules (each module consisting of between 21 and 10 videos). In fact, the program uses exercises and drills that are designed to quickly improve users touch. Unlike other programs using those soccer skills to teach people slow movements, the Epic Soccer Training system focus on dynamic touches where people are moving at the fast pace are more effective in increasing your skills. With the help of this e-guide, you will be able to get more efficient touches in a short period of time. Around 90-percent of the methods and drills provided and demonstrated by Matt Smith inside his program can be executed without the assistance of another person. More here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Total Soccer Fitness

Total Soccer Fitness is a guide that promises to take your soccer game to a whole new level. Not by improving your technique, but by strengthening your physique through a unique soccer conditioning program. This program teaches people how to use plyometrics safely and effectively to increase their power, speed, and their jumping ability. The program also covers the best strength and power exercises that are specifically designed for soccer, and circuit training workouts to improve endurance and flexibility. The main guide you get in Pdf format is over 160 pages long, and contains some great tips of all the major aspects of soccer fitness.

Total Soccer Fitness Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Phil Davies
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

BBR Member Profile Kevin Little

Monday thru Friday. This way I get the workout in and have no excuses that can build up over the day that would cause me to miss the workout. Also, it gives me time in the evenings to spend it with my kids, or coaching their soccer teams, or doing whatever. In addition, it gives me all day to re-feed the body from the morning workout. I do mix my workouts up a bit, but always try to keep in the big three (squat, bench and dead lift).

National Athletic Trainers Association NATA

The NATA offers certification to those who complete a rigorous set of requirements and pass a certification examination. Basic requirements include a high school diploma, current CPR or EMT certification, successful completion of athletic training course requirements (college level), a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, at least 200 hours of athletic training experience in practice or game coverage of football, soccer, hockey, wrestling, basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, volleyball, rugby, and or rodeo, and endorsement by an NATA-certified athletic trainer.

AC And what is your training background

CB I've trained myself for endurance (elite soccer as a kid), power and speed for hockey and soccer, and strength and bodybuilding. I continue to push my limits with my strength training, and of course, I always give my own Turbulence Training workouts a go in order to test them out.

Positive Health Exploring Relevant Parameters

But, not all children are good at sport and many are alienated from participating especially when the emphasis is on competition and performance. Even children who show an aptitude for one sport, gymnastics say, may not show any talent for another, a ball game, like soccer. I started my sporting life as a swimmer but I became bored with the training. It didn't suit my personality and if the opportunity had not arisen to change to diving, a much more acrobatic sport, I am sure I would have given up. I heard a similar story from an Olympic swimming champion. He was hopeless at school sport - last in cross-country running, no eye-to-ball coordination. One day he fell through a plate glass window and severed a tendon in his calf, couldn't run and so, fortuitously, took up swimming, loved it and made it to the very top winning 2 Olympic gold medals. The moral of his and my stories is

Improving Your Balance with Games

Soccer Heading Soccer Heading The objective of this game is precisely what its title implies to head soccer balls that other Miis kick your way. There are 80 soccer balls for the beginner level and 120 for the advanced level. Of course, there are some naughty little Miis who enjoy kicking cleats and panda heads at you, as shown in Figure 6-7, which you will have to dodge to avoid point deductions. To head the soccer balls and avoid the cleats and panda heads, you shift your weight left and right on the Balance Board, depending on which object is flying in your direction. Making contact with the soccer balls is all about getting the right timing and avoiding exaggerated movements. Your body tilts should be subtle and adjusted as soon as the ball or undesirable object is kicked your way. Unlike your Mii on the screen, you do not need to lean forward. Simply shifting your bodyweight left and right is all it takes to make contact with objects or dodge them. Scoring Getting hit with a...

AC When young female athletes come to you for training whats the first thing you do with them Does any particular sport

LI I do a comprehensive orthopedic evaluation first and then concentrate on functional tests and flexibility. I like to find out their training history and their history in their particular sport. It is also important to get a feel of the family dynamics and what exactly is pushing the female athlete - herself or her family. As far as a particular sport standing out, I've had a lot of experience training female soccer players and although I love them as people and athletes, the rigors of the soccer schedule are just crazy. The kids can play everyday of the week throughout the entire year which leads to a lot of overuse injuries and burnout.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Group exercise predates aerobics classes and studio cycling. Team sports, which provide exercise done in a group, include volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, hockey, and any other competitive sport you might have played in junior high and high school. With the passage of time, they might now seem like lost sports, but you might have a hankering to pick one of them up again. Go for it. They provide fitness benefits and camaraderie, and they do exist for adults.

Studies and texts cited in this article

Tony Leyland is Senior Lecturer in the School of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia. He has taught at the university level for 24 years and has been heavily involved in competitive sports such as soccer, tennis, squash, and rugby as both an athlete and a coach for over 40 years. He is a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Canadian National B-licensed soccer coach, and a level-1 CrossFit trainer. He can be reached at leyland

Skill Method of Overload

If your sport skills do not easily lend themselves to overloading (soccer, basketball, skiing, etc), the best approach is to emphasize strength training exercises which represent fundamental movement patterns (e.g., squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, etc) in order to improve inter-and intra-muscular coordination, recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers, and maximal strength. Later, during the performance of the sport skills, the body will learn how to apply it's new strength levels to the target skill.

The fuelling processdietary advice

There are now so many worthy, informative books on sports nutrition, written by professional nutritionists, that everybody can find out exactly what they need to be eating for their specific sport. Sadly few of them give any advice on what you require for boxing, and tend to advise on diets for running, cycling and swimming even the good American books do the same but throw in soccer as well, as American women have taken to it with great success.

Sports Stretches for 9 to 12Year Olds

Soccer parents ask me all the time about stretches for their middle-school-age kids. My first reaction is to tell them to have their kids make their beds leaning out over the mattress to tuck in the sheets and blanket is a great hamstring stretch and kills two birds with one stone But to be honest, the flexibility needs of kids at this age really require more detailed attention.

The Physiology of Aerobic Exercise

The word 'aerobic' literally means 'with oxygen' and aerobic exercise is fueled by reactions which require oxygen to proceed. Typical aerobic activities are walking, running, cycling and swimming. While activities like basketball and soccer could be considered aerobic (as they rely on aerobic energy systems), their stop and start nature would cause them to be more typically referred to as interval training discussed in the next chapter.

Who Is Capoeira Conditioning

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts in a wide range of sports will find these exercises highly beneficial for loosening up the tightness sometimes caused by sports training. The rhythmic and physical components of capoeira conditioning are perfect for cross-training. Mane Garrincha, Peie's legendary contemporary on the Brazilian national soccer team, had amazing jogo de cintura agility of his waist) and dribbling skills often said to derive from his practice of capoeira.

Plyometrics Goofy Hopping

Assuming you're sitting right now, stand up and jump as high as you can. If you're like the rest of us, you probably bent down into a coiled position just before you jumped. That's prestretching the muscle. You do the same kind of thing before swinging a baseball bat or kicking a soccer ball.

Tony Reynolds Ms Cscs Iyca Level II

Prior to founding Progressive Sporting Systems, Tony served as Head Strength and Conditioning coach for Rose Hulman Institute of Technology where he worked with football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, softball, wrestling, and track and field. In addition to duties at Rose Hulman, Tony has worked extensively with Indiana State University and St. Mary of The Woods University providing sport performance enhancement for numerous teams. In 2000, Tony served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cincinnati Reds Double A-team, the Chattanooga Lookouts. Prior to his stint in Chattanooga, Tony completed an assistantship with the International Performance Institute in Bradenton, Florida where he worked with professional football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf.

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Currently, I'm a self-employed personal trainer in Pennsylvania, specializing in bodybuilding, but I've always been involved in sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. The one sport I loved the most was cross-country running. In high school, I ran so much and performed so well that I got hooked, running one race after another, sometimes two in one day. I thought I was invincible. Like most young people, I was incredibly na ve and refused to acknowledge my own limits. So, it was only a matter of time before I got injured. My injuries forced me to undergo several months of physical therapy, during which I started weight training and saw a noticeable difference in my muscle development. Afterward, I was fully recovered, but no longer a competitive runner and had to find a different route to fitness. So, I joined a gym and started working out with a partner who got me involved in bodybuilding and personal training.

Text and computer program cited in this article

Tony Leyland is Senior Lecturer in the School of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia. He has taught at the university level for 25 years and has been heavily involved in competitive sports such as soccer, tennis, squash, and rugby as both an athlete and a coach for over 40 years. He is a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Canadian National B-licensed soccer coach, and a level-I CrossFit trainer. He can be reached at leyland

AC Where can people read more about your theories and programs

If you look at my basketball or soccer workout on the board, it is for both the men's and women's teams. I don't believe that we need to train them differently at all heck, they have the same identical sport performance needs Now as far as how you might motivate the two, there might be some differences. sport that I think is good for youngsters, I like soccer. I like the idea of getting kids out their RUNNING plus you have the added bonus of reactive (open) agility training.

Boxing for all

My speciality has always been specific conditioning, whether it was for martial arts, boxing, soccer rugby skiing, tennis orjust personal training to get in good shape. I have no preconceptions about which people are best suited to which sport. If you fancy having a go at boxing, why wait until you are older fitter or lighter It is a sport or art, whichever way you look at it in which you will get fitter by participation at even the lowest level. It is not until you have dipped your toes in the water that you will determine how deep you want to go in, and how far from the shore you want to strike out.

The Mad Max Program

If you're a competitive athlete who is forced, by athletic necessity, to use your lower extremities to propel you toward a particular destination (i.e. end zone, soccer goal, hockey net, etc.), you've undoubtedly heard of the infamous VO2 max. You know, VO2 max, the often-misunderstood measure of oxygen consumptive capacity. VO2 max, the ever-measured but often-overestimated determinant of performance.

But stop right there

Since most people associate the phrase aerobic athlete with distance runners or cyclists, I want to clarify that many other athletes also benefit from improved critical power and VO2 max including hockey players, soccer players, etc. Therefore a training program that can improve both parameters in a short period of time is a program that should be put in place during an athlete's base training.

Specialization Legs

Decipher the considerable wisdom contained within my late father's maxim. You likely will never see a champion athlete in any sport with weak legs. Boxers are said to be past their prime when their legs weaken or become rubbery. The same is true in baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and skiing. Bodybuilding is no different. In fact, unlike with the other sports, weak legs are immediately noticeable in bodybuilding and can destroy the symmetry that is the hard-fought hallmark of the competitive bodybuilder.


17.34 I had a bad year in 1992 for injuries. roughout late 1991 and early 1992 I had elbow problems caused by excessive zeal for specialized grip work, and not working into it progressively enough. is prevented all grip work and hampered me in all major exercises except the deadlift (because I was using grip supports). Due to an injury sustained while playing soccer in 1991, I had a problem with my right big toe until late 1993.

Animal Rectangles

This drill is designed for conditioning. You can perform this drill on a soccer field or any other large open area. The object of the Animal Rectangle is to alternate between sprints and animal walks. You will sprint the long sides of the rectangle and animal walk the shorter sides. The sprint distance should be between 50 and 100 meters with the animal walk portion approximately 25 meters in length. Perform this drill until you have completed 10 sprints and 10 animal walks. You can select from any of the above previously listed animal walks. Here is a sample


By some accounts with users, ginseng seems to increase stamina, concentration and resistance to stress, as well and improvements in endurance. One recent study found 350mg of ginseng extract improved the reaction time (psychomotor performance) of soccer players over a six week period.


Pedometers are great for walking or running, using a treadmill or an elliptical trainer, or engaging in a sport, such as baseball, soccer, or football. But you can't wear one while swimming, and they are close to useless for biking. Other devices do a much better job of measuring these types of activities, and we'll cover those devices later in this chapter.

Soccer Fitness 101

Soccer Fitness 101

Be a star on the field in no time! Get Fit For The Soccer Field In 10 Easy Steps! With soccer season looming just around the corner it’s never too early to start getting ready. Soccer is an intense game, and it’s going to take a lot of work on your part to make sure that you’re ready to stay ahead of your competition out on that field.

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