Twolegged Butt Raise

can also perform a two-leg variation. Push up with both feet, driving your hips towards the ceiling. The sandbag will serve as added resistance.

Glute-Ham Raise - There are machines that facilitate this movement but you can perform this exercise with the help of a heavy sandbag. You will need to secure your feet for this exercise. In the illustration, I have placed a heavy sandbag across my legs. If you have access to a Roman chair, you can perform this exercise by facing backwards. You can also have a partner secure your feet.

Instructions: Start the movement lying flat on the floor with the legs straight. Pull yourself up with flexed hips, hamstrings, and glutes. Focus on pulling yourself up with the legs, minimizing the work done by your arms.

This exercise is excellent for the hamstrings. Definitely include this movement in your routine.

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