Squat Heavy

Use at least 100 pounds for each squat variation. These exercises will develop awesome lower body strength. Go heavy with your sandbag to crank up the intensity.

Semi Squat Hold - Squat down half way with the sandbag held close to your body. Hold this position for time. You can either hold the bag for one extended period, or perform several repetitions for shorter time periods. For example, you could squat down and hold the bag for 20 seconds. Return to the standing position and repeat for 10 repetitions.

Another option is to hold this semi squat position as long as possible. This movement will challenge you physically and mentally. I do not recommend this exercise on a weekly basis, but it can be used sporadically for a brutal challenge. Strive to improve your time whenever performing this movement.

A third variation is to squat down and hold the bag for 10 seconds before returning to the upright position. Next, perform a full squat, bringing your thighs parallel to the ground. Repeat this sequence ten times, alternating between the squat hold and full squat.

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