Side Lunge

Take a long step to the side. Your rear leg will remain straight, while your front thigh approaches parallel with the floor. As with all lunges, work both legs evenly.

Lunges are perhaps the most neglected exercise of all. We all recognize the benefits of squatting, but very few athletes take time to include the lunge in their routine. By lunging with a heavy sandbag, you will develop the power to "lunge" towards your opponent. A lunging motion is involved in almost all offensive attacks. Do not neglect this important exercise.

Step-ups - Step-ups are another neglected movement. Grab a heavy sandbag and step up to a raised platform such as a chair. Work both legs evenly. Step-ups will strengthen the calf muscles, hips, and thighs.

Variation - Hold the bag close to your body. This will keep your arms working throughout the movement. You will feel the pain throughout your entire body!

If lunges are the most neglected leg exercise, step-ups are a close second. Very few athletes perform this valuable movement.

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