Onelegged Squat To

become a complete athlete, you must become proficient with your bodyweight. The one-legged squat is a perfect test of functional strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Most athletes cannot perform this exercise on their first attempt. This exercise is much more difficult than it appears. The one-legged squat demonstrates the need for variety. Weighted squatting is excellent, but it does not override the importance of the one-legged squat. This exercise is one that I encourage all athletes (particularly combat athletes) to practice and master. One-legged squats will improve balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. You do not need fancy equipment, and the results are undeniable.







To perform this exercise, you will lower yourself down on one foot. Your non-working leg will remain straight as you approach the ground. You will need to lean forward slightly to maintain balance. You can hold your arms out to assist with balance. You should pause briefly at the bottom position, before squatting upward on one leg.

As you become proficient with this exercise, you can add weight by holding a dumbbell, kettlebell, or medicine ball. I would not recommend adding weight until you can perform 10 bodyweight repetitions.

If you have difficulty with this exercise, you can learn by first lowering yourself to a stair step, or chair. Lower yourself down on one leg until you are "sitting" on the stair step (or chair). As soon as your butt touches the step, shoot back upwards on one leg. Your movement will be identical to a full one-legged squat, except you will use the stairs to maintain balance on the bottom portion of the movement. Eventually, you will be able to perform full one-legged squats without bottom support.

If you continue to struggle with this exercise, you are likely suffering from problems with balance, coordination, or flexibility (or all of the above). You must be flexible in the legs, particularly the hamstrings to perform this movement. With consistent practice, you will develop the attributes necessary to perform this exercise with fluidity and style. You can practice a few reps each day to gradually develop the strength and balance necessary for this functional movement. One-legged squats are a perfect supplement to any lower body strength and conditioning program.

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