Mr Manicure

If you are worried about having pretty hands and fingernails, sandbag training is not for you. You will need to keep your nails short, or the bag will take care of that for you. It is not fun when a 150-pound sandbag rips off a fingernail. Keep them short, and forget about your weekly manicure.

3.) Mr. Step Aerobics

If you are looking for an easy, 10-minute workout to lower your cholesterol and improve your self-confidence, sandbag training is not for you.

Sandbag training is intense. I have seen athletes who excel at the national level crumble under the weight of a sandbag. Sandbag training will not offer a magical cure or "quick fix" to fitness. The routines in this book will challenge you physically and mentally.

This book is not designed for individuals who make excuses and choose the path of least resistance. You cannot fake your way through a sandbag routine. The exercises and routines in this book will mold you into a powerful machine. Your ability to sustain intense workloads will dramatically improve. You will gain the strength necessary to manhandle your opponents, your boss, or anyone else who deserves an ass kicking.

101 Fitness Tips

101 Fitness Tips

100 Fitness Tips EVERY Fitness Buff Should Know. This Report 100 Fitness Tips will help you Utilize These Tips to Get Fit amp Healthy Starting Today.

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