Floor Press

Press the bag upward from the chest while lying on the floor. This exercise is much more difficult than it appears. You can also perform a full bench press with the sandbag.

You can also press the bag with bent legs. One of the most difficult parts of this movement is simply getting the bag in position to press. The bag can be quite uncooperative and difficult to balance.

Sandbag Chair Dips - Place a heavy sandbag across your lap and perform a chair dip. Lower yourself as far as possible during each repetition. Elevate your feet from a second chair to increase the difficulty.

Handstand Pushup - This exercise does not involve a sandbag, but is very important. You should become proficient at pressing your bodyweight upward from the handstand position.

This exercise will improve balance, kinesthetic awareness, and functional strength. To perform a handstand pushup, you must first assume the handstand position. Begin by mounting yourself upright against a wall. I recommend holding the upright position of a handstand to become comfortable with "upside down" exercise. It will feel awkward at first.

You can use the wall to assist with balance. With consistent practice, your balance will improve. You will become less dependent on the wall.

You can also increase your range of motion by performing this exercise from chairs or cement blocks. For this advanced variation, you would perform a handstand pushup with your hands elevated from the ground (on blocks or chairs). By elevating the hands, you increase your range of motion. You can also increase the difficulty by looking down towards the floor.

I recommend this exercise several times per week.

This section will be unlike most core training chapters that you have read in the past. Many of the movements in this section are often categorized as lower body or total-body exercises. I created a separate section for these movements due to the emphasis placed on the muscles of the low back and trunk. I have also included additional (non sandbag) exercises that can be used to create a complete core-training program.

Core training is one of the latest buzzwords in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, many athletes still do not fully understand or appreciate the importance of this vital functional segment. There are many misconceptions regarding the most effective way(s) to train the core.

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