• Complex Training

Convenient and Effective - This chapter will teach you how to transform a weighted backpack into an awesome strength training device. You will learn several bodyweight exercises, including a section dedicated to pull-up strength.

Warrior Conditioning - As a fighter, your conditioning program must be intense. This chapter will guide you through one of the most intense conditioning programs ever created. Sub-categories include:

• Non-weighted GPP

• Sandbag Running

• Dynamic Conditioning

• Sledgehammer Training

• Wheelbarrow Training

Warrior Running - This chapter explains the importance of interval running, sprint training, and Fartlek.

Sled Dragging - Next, you will learn how to construct and use an inexpensive sled for conditioning and restoration. Numerous exercises are included, along with sample programs.

Important Advice - This chapter contains important advice for all fighters. I discuss the importance of sparring and skill training.

Training Routines - This chapter contains several complete training routines. You will find routines for strength training, conditioning, core training, and more.

Putting The Pieces Together - In this section I will explain how to construct a complete training program. There are sample schedules provided, along with a discussion of each training element.

Q and A - This section includes answers to common questions regarding the information contained within this training guide.

Templates - Sample training logs have been provided for you to record daily and weekly training schedules.

Body Weight Blitz

Body Weight Blitz

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