There is no such thing as a perfect routine. We all have unique training goals and time constraints.

Despite individual differences and time constraints, it is important to include the following training ingredients.

Strength training - I recommend 2 days per week, or no more than 3. If you prefer 3 days of strength training, you should perform 2 complete sessions, and conclude the week with one of the Warrior Challenges. For example, you could lift on Monday and Thursday, and finish the week with a challenge on Saturday. You could perform bodyweight exercise on Tuesday and Friday.

This schedule can be used when no fights are scheduled. If you opt for 3 days per week, you can still start the Monday and Thursday strength session with non-weighted GPP, and conclude with a finisher. Tuesday and Friday could then involve interval training or hill sprints. Wednesday would be a lighter day, focusing more on skill training. Never forget the importance of skill training. Whether or not a fight is scheduled, you must keep your skills sharp.

If you do not wish to perform GPP before strength training, you can conduct interval training in the morning, and then perform strength training in the evening.

Complex Training - Plyometric movements such as medicine ball throwing and various jumping drills can supplement your strength training program. Complex training is designed for well-trained athletes. This form of training should only be used after a sufficient strength base has been developed.

Conditioning - "Conditioning" is a very broad term. Your conditioning routine should include interval style training, non-weighted GPP, weighted GPP, and various sport-specific drills (ex. 10 x 10 System). I recommend at least 2 days per week of interval style training and/or hill sprinting. You can also dedicate 3-4 days per week to various non-weighted and weighted GPP movements.

When preparing to fight, your conditioning routine should become more intense, and more specific to your event. If you are a boxer, you need to punch. If you are a wrestler, you need to get on the mat and wrestle.

Core Training - I recommend using a combination of weighted and non-weighted core exercises. These intense core routines are best when performed 3-4 days per week. Avoid consecutive days of weighted core work. Less intense movements such as abdominal crunches can be used on non-core training days. This is not a requirement. Certain individuals prefer daily abdominal training. If you find yourself in this category, balance maintenance days with more intense core workouts.

Skill Training - No amount of lifting or running will teach you how to fight. You must dedicate considerable time towards skill training. I recommend at least 4 days per week of skill training. At least 2 of these days should include more lengthy sessions, working with a coach or partner. On strength training days, you can find time for skill training by warming up with a few rounds of shadow boxing. Practice combinations, footwork, and movement. Never underestimate the importance of skill training. Strength and conditioning work should supplement skill training, NOT replace it. Skills pay the bills!

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