The Ambush

As we all know bullies don't actually like fighting if they're uncertain of winning, but if pressed into action they will most likely resort to an ambush.

A coward's preferred attack will be to your blind side in the hope of causing sufficient damage in the first few seconds to render you senseless.

East End folklore, perpetuated via boxing trainers, holds that Ronnie Kray's favourite ambush was to offer a cigarette to his intended victim. When the victim opened his mouth to put the cigarctte in Ronnie would land a right hook to the jaw. This would inevitably break and then hang open at a silly angle. It wasn't that Ronnie had such a powerful punch which made him such a jaw breaker: it was the fact that 9 out of 10 open jaws break when hit The best

defence against a broken jaw is to keep it shut, tucked into your chest and don't accept cigarettes from strange men.

This story seeks to illustrate that the ambush docs not need to be 4 guys lurking in the shadows. In fact that's rather a cliché for an ambush. In these days of rising personal attack the ambush is more likely to lake the form of an innocent approach. A request for the time or directions to Doncastcr can all hold sinister undertones.

Without wishing to sound paranoid there are a lot of punters out there. If a stranger tries to slop you late at night to ask directions then don't jusi deck him with a hammer fist - that's paranoia. Answer his question hut be alert. If you think he is a nutter then just keep on walking.

I once saw a bumper sticker which said ... "It's not thai I'm paranoid - it's just that I know they're out to get me." Awareness is your defence against any ambush which means keeping your eyes open and being cautious about where you walk. Remember that you can't avoid an ambush until you spot iu but once identified it has lost the essential element of surprise.

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