Technique Is More Important Than Power

If knocking your opponent flat in a short space of time depended only on impressive muscles, then all body-builders and power lifters could enter the boxing lists and end up millionaires from knockout wins. Have you ever wondered why they don't?

The answer is that the power-punch and knockouts punch do not require the often awesome strength that hody-buildcrs boast. Strength is useless if not properly used and directed! Strength on its own can only intimidate an opponent who is lacking in knowledge. If you are faced with someone who is obviously your master when it comes to strength, he has a psychological advantage over you. Unless ... you know the secrcts. 1 will explain.

• The importance of balance

• The trajectory of the punching arm

•The line of power

• The instinct factor

These elements are the ingredients of your success in becoming a power puncher.

Line of Force


Line of Force


Simplicity In Action

It might seem that there is too much involved, that it is all too complicated, hut xs I take you through one step at a time, you will realise that with practise the techniques can be practically applied and used.

Remember that anything you learn the first time may initially look difficult because the concepts are new and strange. Just think back to the first time you tried to drive a car! Driving (assuming you have in fact learnt how to drive) is an automauc procedure • it becomes instinctive - measuring distance and speed and changing gears is no longer a conscious process. You have learnt the techniques and knowledge involved and practise has made them a natural part of your being and activities.

Tlus is exactly what will happen as you practise the steps wc outline here. At first, because they arc new. you will be consciously "doing" them, they might even feel strange and awkward • like learning to change gear! But once you have the "feel" for it. they will become progressively easier, till they flow naturally and spontaneously from inside! The training programme included will provide all the guidelines you need to develop these new skills. Knockout artists arc not born • it is a learned skill. As you refine your speed, your knowledge of the methods and your instinct, you will be able to sweep the way clear before you!

Separating Fact From Fiction

You do not need great strength to achieve a knockout. Neither do you need a long "reach" to pack in as much power as possible into a -connection". It is a fallacy to believe that you have to swing your arm back as far as you can so that there is double power ramming into your opponent when you connect with him. Your punch docs not need to travel more than six inches!

What You Need Is Accurate Timing, Speed} Inner Balance And Precision

You will learn from the practical advice in this book to ue the conditions you encounter to crcatc a situation of which you can take advantage. You will learn to time your movements to throw your opponent off balance. You will learn to manoeuvre him into a position of vulnerability so that your rhythm, speed and timing can assure your victory. You will learn to take advantage of his mistakes.

One of the main skills you need is precision. As you combine this skill with the instinctive "feel" that will develop with your practise, you will become a proflcicnt punchcr'

Precision is essential firstly in your knowledge of the target areas. Not knowing where the punch can inflict the most damage is a disadvantage. It is not true that some people ire "knockout-proof. Everyone has vulnerable points.

Though some might be more resistant than others, everyone will succumb eventually if they arc hit in the right place at the right time. Some arc more resilient than others due to previous fighting experience, so their system is not so easily shocked. Strong neck muscles will for instance add protection to a fighter's chin.

As you learn where the vulnerable areas are and practise these techniques, you will start to get an instinctive feci for them. Then as you engage your opponent you will begin to see them in your mind's eye - at this point you will have awesome power because your precision and knowledge will have fused together in instinct and your speed, timing and velocity will consequently be tuned in to support them.

In a nutshell, precision is the ability to strike a vulnerable spot with speed the instant you sec and feel an opening.

Vulnerable Areas

The points to concentrate on arc:

• The area just beneath the heart: the solar plexus.

• The side of the jaw beneath the ear.

• The groin: the knee; the kidneys and the nose.

It is not necessary for you to memorize dozens of target points. That will merely slow down the instinctive process that you need to develop. Concentrating on the above main areas will hone your ability and greatly increase the effectiveness of your punches. The key really lies in simplicity. Co-ordination between your body and mind will become spontaneous more quickly without a complex network of facts and information to assimilate.

Primary And Secondary Targets

These are the areas to aim for to achieve an actual knockout. Thcv include the temple; side of the jaw; point of the chin and the solar plexus. The other areas, which wc arc calling secondary targets, will incapacitatc your opponent; they will stun or weaken him so that you can achieve the knockout more easily. Body blows to the kidney area, just below the heart, the nose, groin and knees will generally bring him down so that you can deal with him, - especially in street fight situations.

Make a conscious effort in practising blows to these areas to get an instinctive feel for them. Practice and persistence will soon co-ordinatc body and mind into instinct. As you follow the training programme you will learn how to direct your blows and make them really count.

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