Palm Strikes

Palm strikes arc one of my favourites. They're a remarkably simple blow to deliver and yet on the right targets can be devastating.

Palm strikes begin and end with an open palm, but the wrist locks out at the moment of impact to thrust through the target Because they arc delivered with relaxed muscles the move can be executed much faster which means there is less time for your opponent to block.

Added impetus is included by rotating the hips and projecting body weight through the arm as the wrist locks on connection with its target.

Because palm strikes can be executed at close quarters they arc very useful for street fighting, so when you arc grappling or rolling around, remember this. Accepted targets for the strike arc the solar plexus, the floating ribs and the chin.

In fact I remember one fight where an opponent came at me with a dcfcncc which was so ragged I was able to get a superb palm strike onto his chin. He went down immediately but was lucky. My boxing training should have dictated that I use an uppcrcut on him which would have seriously laid him out However I'm not too keen on upper-cuts unless really necessary. Not only do they hurt the other person but they can also hurt you. A badly executed or mix-delivered uppcrcut can easily break something in your hand whereas you would have to be extremely unlucky to break your palm

The biggest danger to your hand from this strike is delivering the force with your fingers or upper palm. These will generally bend backwards and cither strain or break.

One of the essentials of any strike is recovery, which means getting your hand back and then using it for something else. However one of the essentials in winning fights is continuous attack. After you have executed a palm strike to your opponent's chin the fingers can be very ably cm-ployed to gouge into his face. This is continuous attack and deters attackers.

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