Moving People

People don't like being moved by parts of their anatomy and will generally follow the direction in which you take them

• If you really want to unnerve someone try putting your finger up their nose and pulling them by the nostril. To do this move effectively you have to forget all about where your finger is going, you can always wash it later. Think only of getting hold of a nostril and pulling them along by it.

• A finger in the car is also ellcctivc for getting attention and movement out of people

• To get an aggressor to move backwards try using a V Palm to the nose. Form a V between the thumb and the first finger and use this to lift your opponent backwards by his nose. It's very painful and you will not succeed in lifting many people because they will retreat backwards on their own.

Attacks to the head arc better for taller folk, of which I am not one. Notwithstanding this 1 was an effective street fighter bccausc I knew my limitations and fought within them. The best way for a shorter person to move a heavier or taller attacker is with their balls.

• Now as crude as this may sound it's often how life on the street is. If you're going for Genital Lifting then make it focused and effective. Really get hold of them. Really yank them... And really lift by them. Again, you can wash your hands later.

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