Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more here...

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The standard deviation

Will incorporate 85 percent of a given population. If you go two standard deviations off the mean, you are then incorporating 95 percent of that population. Out on the extreme ends at either side of the hell curve, you have figures of 2Vi percent that is, 2Vi percent that are two standard deviations above the mean, and 2Vi percent that are two standard deviations below it.

Become Comfortable With Failure

With respect to The Ultimate New York Body Plan, the challenge will be great and the need for motivation essential. Don't let your self-doubt demons take over and cause you to cheat and sabotage your success. Equally important is what I often call fear of success. In this instance, we are so overwhelmed by the prospect of success that we sabotage our program and cheat, either by not training properly or by bingeing on Oreos and chocolate milk. In either case, the result is the same. Cheating derails us, at least temporarily, and challenges our ability to remain motivated. Often, the strongest offense is a good defense. Here are some tips for dealing with these fear-induced demons

Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010

Some may wonder why we decided to include this title in the book, especially since its predecessor, Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009, received rather poor reviews overall. Certainly this game is not of the same caliber as Wii Fit Plus or EA Sports Active Personal Trainer, but it offers a unique approach to working out with its less traditional exercises and more ballistic activities, such as swing kicks and water pump. Part III starts with an overview of this title, including navigating the menus, creating your character, enrolling in the Hell-week style boot camp, and tracking your stats. The second chapter in this section reviews the training options and discusses how to determine your regimen based on your objectives. The final chapter provides an overview of all the exercises.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

There's also a lot of media generated propaganda surrounding anabolics. Let's face it, it's hard to defend something that has the potential for disaster. Still, I get infuriated when I see ads that say Buying drugs supports terrorists. Hell, buying gasoline supports terrorists. It's the illegality of drugs which makes them a viable black market for anyone, maybe even terrorists. So, if anything, it's the inane laws that are put into place that support terrorism. But the honchos in Washington D.C. love to place the blame elsewhere -- and you're as good a place as any.

All Time i Practical Priorities

3.2 I wish I could have had a wise and uncompromising mentor to have watched over me. Someone to have given me hell if I dared even to think of anything other than the abbreviated and basics-first approach. I should have been forced to have committed the essence of this training to memory. Such mentors are very rare. Use this book as the best alternative.

Exploring the Advantages of Overeat ng

The Warrior Diet is the only diet that explores the advantages of overeating. I want to say something to all those who overeat and then feel guilty. You feel guilty because you didn't know that a deep, primal instinct drove you to overeat. Many people binge late at night when exhausted from a rigid, obsessive, daily self-control. That's usually the time when inhibitions are broken down and the alleged demons come out. But these are not demons. If you know how to use this instinct in the right way, it can work for you instead of against you.

Reverse Hamstring Curls

Did you realize that the pad of a lat pulldown or an abdominal board can become a hamstring exerciser We all think of working the hamstrings by curling the leg up. Why not support the legs and lift your body up Kneel down with the back of your ankles securely under the pad support of your choice. Now lift the trunk of your body backwards by contracting the hamstrings. Make no mistake about it, this is one hell of a difficult movement Unless you can comfortably hamstring curl well over 100 pounds it's unlikely that you'll be able to do a single rep in this manner

Increase weights drop reps take longer rest periods between sets

Three weeks later you go to 5 X 5, and you get stronger and bigger and possibly leaner, too, although my guess is that you're eating a lot more at this point (heavy weights make me hungry as hell). So maybe you're getting a lot bigger and stronger, but your waist is also thickening a bit.

Defining the problem again

Why is it so difficult to get both big and lean at the same time It's almost as if the body can do one or the other well, but not both, which really isn't far from the truth. Related to that, why is it so difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time Or to gain muscle without gaining fat at the same time Hell, even losing fat without losing muscle is difficult enough. To answer the question of why things are so difficult, let's start simple and move towards more complex explanations, since that will lead us to an understanding of how to solve the problem.

Periodization For Gym Rats

Here's a question you may have at this point What the hell does this have to do with me And it's a fair question. After all, if you've been training for a few years, you probably haven't periodized anything you simply go to the gym three or four or five or six days a week, and lift the best way you know how. You change your workouts when you learn something new.

Extreme Swings In Bodyweight

Extreme swings in bodyweight are much more common on the high carb diet. You gain more fat, get bulkier and more puffed up. Then you've got to cut up, and Hell hath no fury like a bodybuilder cutting up and coming into a contest. With all that fat to take off, you've got enough problems without the irritability and mood swings that can come with the carb-based diet.

Reported Characteristics

Males usually administered 50-200mg daily for the same purpose. Testosterone suspension significantly boosts glycogen storage in muscle tissue. After carb depletion and during a 2-4 carb-loading phase, the results of suspension use have been amazing Increased muscle striation and separation combined with a fall hard look to the tissue. Suspension was rarely reported to be used by novice testosterone users even during mass gaining cycles simply because it hurt like hell and maintained plasma levels required daily administrations. (But it actually produced better results than other testosterones). As with other testosterones, prolonged use led to a serious decrease in natural androgen production.

KISS and those ugly variables

On my forums, it's not uncommon for someone to post a question like I added supplement X, Y, and Z to my supplement intake, added an extra day per week in the gym, and reduced my calories by X. Why am I not seeing progress My response is too many unknown variables to answer that question, which translates into how the hell should I know

Ongoing Weight Loss The Second Phase of Atkins

Focus on the positive changes you have already begun to enjoy Now you-not that nameless, food-obsessed demon-are the one in charge of your appetite. And what delicious things you can have on your plate In all likelihood, the crispy duck in Chinese restaurants or cheese omelettes garnished with thick slices of avocado were among the luxuries you had to do without when you were watching your fat intake. And you're on a nutritional plan that's healthier than any other you've tried before.

Do Not Ignore Science

A lot of guys say to hell with science. This is a mistake. Your hard work must be as productive as possible. Forget about what someone did or supposedly did 200 years ago. The fact remains that today's athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. Advancements have been made that must not be ignored.

Beans The Main Source of Protein

As mentioned, the typical plebeian diet was based on grains. To avoid protein deficiencies, they mixed grains with legumes. Beans were considered the poor man's meat. They were also the gladiator's main source of protein, as well as Roman soldiers in times of short supply of meat, cheese, or fish. The bean was a strong symbol. It conjured up images of death, hell, blood, and semen, but yet at the same time was considered a good-luck charm.

Aim for 3 one minute rounds of punching

Hit a punching bag. Time one minute and go for it. Beat the hell out of the thing. Rest for one minute then go again. Do this 3 times. This kind of training sounds simple but is very tough, very painful. Of course if you aren't use to hitting a punching bag, build up slowly over time or you'll injure your hands.

Your Metabolic Tendencies Are Never Cured

The fat you just sent to kingdom come was one symptom of a chronic metabolic condition. You do have and always will have a metabolic tendency to be overweight. The blood-sugar imbalance that I identified for you in Chapter 5 will not go away permanently because you have taken a nutritional path that circumvents it. All you have to do is go back to eating the way you once did, or even partially so, and you will arouse the sleeping demon. In very short order, your pancreas will once again secrete large quantities of insulin, and you'll suffer the symptoms of unstable blood sugar jitters, brain fog, afternoon fatigue and the like. Then your insulin resistance will lead inevitably to the production of more insulin and that, in turn, to weight gain if your carb intake exceeds your tolerance.

The Science of Counting Sheep Alternatives That Work

Well, if you were to think about it a horde of hyper active sheep sporadically jumping over a fence isn't very calming to the mind The whole concept is also ridiculous, when's the last time you saw sheep jumping high in the air over a fence Sheep are naturally very lazy animals that spend most of their day eating and sleeping. If you're HELL BeNt on counting sheep, count a bunch of sleeping sheep with a bunch of ZZzzs forming in bubbles around their heads, on a peaceful green meadow, this should work better o)

Further increase training intensity

The resistance at the highest point you can get to, which will not be far into the rep if you have gone to the limit in the complete reps. Maintain the static hold for as long as you can, and then fight like hell to stop gravity pulling the bar down. You will then have reached isometric failure. en resist the eccentric as if your life depended on it.

The Most Basic Routine

Tied two 50lb plates to the weight belt for the final 3 sets at 100lbs. Got all three sets for 5 reps (last was a hell of a struggle) so at my next workout I added lbs to the last 3 sets. Next workout, I did my warm-up then the 2 progressive warm-up sets. For my first work set I got 5 reps at 102 lbs. Rested, then on my second work set I only managed to get 4 reps. Rested, then on my last set I worked like hell but only got 3 reps.

Defining a maintenance diet

I should note that I would find that great a true fat gain during a full diet break to be extremely unusual. At worst, after the initial weight spike of a few pounds, you might gain a pound or two of fat if you really let your habits go to hell. Three to five pounds of true fat gain in a 2 week span would indicate some seriously bad eating habits. It can probably be done, mind you, especially over the holidays when you're surrounded by nothing but high calorie goodies but it still represents some serious caloric intake.

A quick tangent the Atwater factors

So what in the holy hell, you ask, are the Atwater factors. They are the values I suspect most dieters are already familiar, representing the caloric value of the different nutrients. You'll be using them below to calculate caloric intakes from the various nutrients which is why I'm presenting them here. They appear in table 2 below.

Holding a set of Heavy dumbbells The Farmers Walk

A normal bar measures just under 1 inch in diameter. The thick bar measures 2 inches and you can even get a 3 inch (if you are a freak). That extra inch means my hands don't fit completely around the bar while I'm holding it. This means I need to use a hell of a lot of gripping strength just to hold the sucker.

SP as an anti estrogen

So where the hell is Brink going with this and what on Gods earth does it mean to the hard training bodybuilder you ask. Here is the rub Just because SP might have some anti-estrogenic effects on the prostate does not mean it will prevent gyno, bodyfat increases, etc. known to occur from increased levels of estrogen (whether from andro products, steroid use, age, etc.) in all tissues.

The 1000 Pound Shrug Story

After those two lifts (on the same day) we started thinking about how high the weight could go. 1,200 1,500 Then it hit me. What for How strong do I need my trapezius muscles to be And, by the way, it hurts like hell to hold that 1,000 pounds. It drives your feet into the ground and grinds your spinal vertebrae together. And in the grand scheme of things, what percentage of people on this earth can shrug more than 1,000 pounds 0.0001 percent maybe (That would be 6,000 of us.) And in what other category of life am I at 0.0001 percent. Intellect

AC What tips and tricks can you share that have made your strength and conditioning program better

Never be satisfied with what you know. There is so much cool stuff out there that many of us do not even know exists. Read books and articles, watch videos, go to conferences, call other coaches, take time each day and go into the weightroom and PLAY. Hell it's what we do for a living, take advantage of it. Everyday I try to find at least 20-30 minutes to play and be creative. Many times, I come up with a bunch of nonsense, but occasionally I come across a keeper. It also

Leave your Ego outside

I constantly see people in the gym uses way too much weight. They load the bar up and then use the most sloppy and dangerous techniques to lift it, all for the sake of their egos. I see people load up the bench press with a huge weight then start to bounce the bar off their chest or they get a friend to help them with every rep. What the hell I see people load too much weight on a bar and do H squats for the sake of looking strong. The beauty is guys, by controlling your ego and training right to start with, you'll progress a hell of a lot faster that the fools who are just trying to look good. Plus you'll stay injury free. Leave your ego outside the gym.

Ephedrine and caffeine killer of millions or the ultimate diet pill

Now, those of you who are currently freaking out in an EC kills people and Lyle is the devil for talking about it way need to step back, take a breath, and untwist your panties. Let's talk some facts and all I ask is that you hear me out (people who know that the media hype over the dangers of EC is just hype can skip this section).

The Ultimate New York Body Plan

For example, not long ago, I was about to travel on business for a couple of days when I received an emergency call that Michel, one of the Extreme Makeover women, was having a rendezvous with mashed potatoes, street vendor hot dogs, and the occasional Haagen-Dazs ice cream cone. Because we had so little time together and were trying to achieve very dramatic results, I knew it was time for one of those conversations. We were both working too hard to have her drown in mashed potatoes and vendor hot dogs. Those fast-food demons were calling, and I was ready to answer swiftly and steadily.

What does the research have to say

So where the hell is Brink going with this and what on God's earth does it mean to the hard training bodybuilder you ask. Here is the rub Just because SP might have some anti-estrogenic effects on the prostate does not mean it will prevent gyno, body fat increases, etc., known to occur from increased levels of estrogen (whether from andro products, steroid use, age, etc.) in all tissues. Companies or people that say otherwise are misleading you. There is no research to date that shows SP can prevent gyno or any other estrogen related problems bodybuilders are concerned about except possibly in prostate tissue.

Above squatting with two different sized kettlebells

As far as strength training goes for knee pain, the days of the knee extension for knee pain are pretty much gone. One thing that bugs the hell out of me are fitness writers who bitch about how physical therapists are emphasizing open chain knee extension to rehab knees. These writers obviously haven't been in a PT clinic in the last 10 years. I don't know any PT's that emphasize open chain knee extension in their programs. In the early stages, we may use some muscle activation exercises that don't include weight bearing because of the acute joint status, but once that's over, the foot is on the floor.

Measuring Intensity The Open Sesame to Consistent Progress

Why is this the case I honestly don't know. But I don't need to know the why and neither do you. (I'm sure there is a biochemist somewhere who can provide a rigorous answer involving nerve discharges, rates of cellular activity and many metabolic factors but I just know it's true in all cases I've tested.) By the way, science doesn't yet know why a headache hurts. But it does hurt. That's a fact. And lifting 400 pounds any distance is a hell of a lot more demanding than lifting 100 pounds through a full range of motion. Don't take my word for it. Try it

The Baseline Reference Diet

The first and foremost step in putting together a nutrition plan, be it a strategy to add muscle and body weight or one to hold muscle mass while shedding body fat, is to establish what's called a baseline or reference diet. The baseline diet establishes the amount of calories you need each day to maintain your current body weight and muscle mass. The baseline approach is superior to any other method in establishing caloric needs as it takes into consideration your current caloric status. Your current caloric status or how many calories you eat a day on average is the most overwhelming factor one must take into consideration in setting down sound nutrition principles. Charts, metabolic testing, graphs, etc. all take a second seat to the baseline approach as how you eat now determines what you will change (nutritionally) to get your body to grow or shed body fat. For example, two people with very similar body types, the same height and weight, both desiring to lose 20 pounds of body...

Bill Barad Bodybuilder

Modern society is ruled by a slap-happy way of thinking - it blissfully accepts poison sprays, chemicals in food and yes, hormone drugs, without question. They smugly quote After all, we're healthier than ever . And I say, the Hell we are Juggling statistics makes it appear we live longer, but we can not ignore the alarming increase in all degenerative diseases, like cancer. In my mind, this brings us back to tissue drugs. In A MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH by Bailey, this appears, all cancers share a basic similarity uncontrolled, spreading growth . If you recall the way in which the anabolic hormones probably react on metabolism, does that sound comforting And then this, the law says that cells should grow, but only enough to benefit the whole organisms . Some will accuse me of using scare tactics . I am, and with good reason - if you're toying with the tissue drugs, you SHOULD be scared

Michael Collinspage

I cannot recall having apprehensions prior to my first workout of the day. I do remember that it was a 6 30 a.m. class and it was the most intense workout I had ever experienced to date. I also recall the others in the class asking Freddy, Where in the hell did you find this chick

Factor 3 Training Session Length

I'D have a HELL of a time getting FIRED UP too I don't care if you only have 1 or 2 sets left to complete your workout.get the HELL out of the weight room Those last few sets will actually do more to EAT UP the progress you just made during that first hour than it will to STIMULATE new muscle growth

Companies That Make

Many studies have demonstrated an anabolic effect of PGF2A in skeletal muscles of both humans and animals. Paradoxically, PGF2A usage is still reserved to a bodybuilding elite and no one is willing to divulge its precious secret edge. One of the most remarkable effects of PGF2A is that it potentates the anabolic effects of insulin. By combining PGF2A, and insulin athletes can use much less insulin and get a much better muscle building effect than with insulin alone. The answer is clearly no, but neither is the use of steroids, insulin, clenbuterol, etc. By the way, PGF2A is invisible at any drug test. What kind of side effects to expect The main side effect -- if we exclude the elevation of temperature - is a strong laxative effect. So make sure you have unrestricted use of a bathroom. This lasts around 20 minutes. What you do not want is to inject PGF2A into a vein Learn to do the aspiration test. PGF2A is injected intramuscularly with an insulin needle if you are lean enough....

AC Ok youve got 8 weeks to get Mr Smith ready to be a Hollywood action hero Hes about 30lbs overfat What do you do

Next 4 weeks I'll end the first diet phase with a short (1 day) refeed to give him a break from the dieting grind. He'll have done 1 or 2 controlled free meals each week during the diet. During the next 2 weeks, I'm going to move him to a more moderate dieting approach (probably 10 cal lb). basically he'll take what he did during the first 2 weeks, still keeping in the high protein and veggie intake and add some more carbs and fat to bring his calories up. Some of his carbs and protein will be targeted around training to support training intensity and recovery. Then I'll just train the hell out of him. Still only weights 3X week, full body. Each workout will be warmups to a couple of heavy sets (in the 5-8 repetition range) of a compound leg exercise, compound push and a compound pull. Like 20' total time but very high quality, pushing up the weights as much as possible. This would be followed by high rep short rest circuits such as what's in your Afterburn program. Basically I want...

Thunder On The Prairie

Bryan's B-Body is a 45,000-mile original that sold new in Canada with a 318 Poly instead of the new-for-'67 LA-series 318. That's been replaced by a 512-inch (stroked 400) B-engine from 440Source, which wears Edelbrock Victor heads, a Comp Cams solid-lifter camshaft, and an 850-cfm Demon atop an R.P.M. intake (to be replaced by a Victor intake once Bryan gets an R023 scoop for hood clearance). Headers are two-inch tti's, with a mandrel-bent dual exhaust system it's all good for over 600 hp on the dyno.

What The Heck Is Diabetes

If someone you love has ever struggled with the scourge of diabetes, you know what a devastating disease it can be. In the year 2000, diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. But chances are that this demonic disorder probably contributes to many more deaths it's a leading cause of heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke, and its other complications include blindness, amputation, impotence, and nerve damage. It's also highly preventable and the Abs Diet and the Abs Diet Workout are near-perfect prescriptions.

Your body hates you

I'm not just telling you this to depress you consider it more of a reality check to make you aware of what is and isn't possible. My point is that pro bodybuilders (hell, pro athletes of any sort) are the genetic elite. You are not like them and they have advantages naturally that you don't. Most importantly, trying to mimic what they do, or expecting their results, can only lead you down an endless path of frustration.

The Warriors Mind

At this point, you may be thinking, What the hell does this have to do with my exercise routine . I can remember sitting through a finance course in college. My professor lectured about acquiring wealth through the stock market. As my classmates took notes in amazement, I questioned why my professor drove a run down automobile that pumped out more smoke than a steamboat. If this guy knew so much about the stock market, why the hell was he struggling to pay his own bills

Patience Is A Virtue

Take your time and build yourself up slowly. If it were easy to be the best, we would all be equal. The hell with equality, the Warrior is one who seeks to lead the pack, to be the best. In order to realize this goal, you must be willing to train hard, day after day. You cannot train for a week and expect to be the best.

Keep it simple

My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is.

Usa 11

Six pock apps available witti Demon or Holley carts Six pock apps available witti Demon or Holley carts intake 4 banel intake wilti 2 intake. Demon 750 Mighty Demon EWtorock oaros St* Shooie' intake 4 banel intake wilti 2 intake. Demon 750 Mighty Demon EWtorock oaros St* Shooie'


Many 'so called' experts, like Bill Phillips, will argue with me, and slate my advice such as mine in his literature. Quote ' many old-school nutritionists and dietitians will tell you that you can get all these important micronutrients from simply consuming a balanced diet (whatever the hell that is).' (Phillips 1997). Well, I hope to have clearly described the concept of a balanced diet in Chapter 2, and eating a wide variety of foods will cover this, as shown by reams of experimental, epidemiological and anecdotal evidence.


Here's what I mean You do Alwyn's workouts for eight weeks, maybe ten, then one day you pick up a bodybuilding magazine and see a new workout. And you think, Hey Look at all those curls That would be a hell of a lot more fun than what I'm doing now. Plus, this shiny 290-pound guy who's too short to ride the Screaming Eagle at Six Flags says it'll add an inch to my arms

Specialization Legs

I had no idea what the hell he was talking about and just nodded my head in apparent agreement because, well, he was my dad he was older and, so it stood to reason, much wiser than I on such matters (although this very point would be the subject of a good many debates between the two of us ).

Heartfelt Concerns

When you're all ramped up on NEAT and, as a result, fidget like the Tasmanian devil on speed, the last thing you need to do is burn up precious calories you could be using for muscle building. But don't forget, your heart is the single most important muscle in your body. So what are you to do

Tribute to a Coach

Satan was their nickname for Phil Emery. During his years at Navy, he had become the most stable force in the lives of the football players. He was a master at torturing the players during their off-season conditioning drills, driving them to their absolute limits and beyond. One winter morning, an ice storm had completely shut down the eastern seaboard. Since Emery lived outside of Annapolis, the players arrived for their 5 30 AM running and conditioning session fully convinced they would end up with a morning off. But as they walked through the darkness to Ricketts Hall, they saw a lone car sitting in the parking lot waiting for them Emery's. Only the devil himself could have made it there before dawn and taken such pleasure in being there on a totally miserable morning.

Silly Bullshit

Tommy Suggs, my old lifting friend, once said, If I had to choose between looking like a marathon runner or having a heart attack, I'd take the heart attack. How running 26.2 miles at one time ever got to be associated with a Good Thing just beats the absolute hell out of me. Yet it is held up to everybody as the sine qua non of physical accomplishment. Why, the very term sports medicine actually means treatment of running-induced overuse injuries. Long slow distance training or LSD, as it has come to be called is not only a poor way to lose bodyfat and gain cardiovascular fitness it may be the single best way (especially when combined with the FDA's dietary recommendations) to lose muscle mass ever devised, and it has never made anyone stronger (as even Dr. Mirkin knows). Yet the vast majority of exercise advice from the medical community involves LSD of one type or another the old traditional workhorse of the LSD world, jogging, its even more ineffective little brother, walking, or...


Somehow, I got talked into trying squats. I think this may have been the first gym I'd ever used that had an actual squat rack, so I figured, What the hell. But instead of doing squats the way most guys do them, stopping well short of the point at which my thighs are parallel to the floor, these guys convinced me that the only way to squat was to do it all the way. Butt to calves.

Mass Phase Continued

What the hell is wheat flour Whole wheat flour is what whole wheat bread and pasta is made from. It provides about 130 calories and 23-27 g of carbs per ounce. It is also a cheap and a major source of glutamine peptides. In fact, some special whole wheat flours contain as much as 50 glutamine peptides by weight, though common available sources contain about 20 . It is very cheap, by the pound, at most health food stores and has little flavor.

Yet another warning

I want to make it very clear upfront that I tend to be leery as hell of approaches that rely entirely on the individual to gauge their food intake without monitoring. The reason for this is the number of studies that repeatedly show just how bad people are at it. As mentioned last chapter, people can readily underestimate their food intake by up to 50 , while overestimating their activity by the same 50 .

Pat Sherwood

CrossFit Virginia Beach was started in May of 2007 in my two-car garage. The endeavor was more casual than anything else. My girlfriend, Thomi, and I had attended several seminars over the course of the past year. At each seminar we would receive the usual battery of questions relating to starting an affiliate in Virginia Beach. One trainer from CrossFit headquarters whom we love to death, Dave Castro, is unmatched in the arena of peer pressure. He would relentlessly hound us each time. When are you going to affiliate What the hell is taking so long out there in VB Open a gym already, would ya Hindsight being 20 20, we owe him a debt of gratitude. He stayed on us until one day we said, Why not

Rope Pushdowns

Playing music with a regular beat in the background is a great way to keep your timing and interested during your workout. Alternate punches high and low, left and right and bob and weave. DON'T go hell for leather, simply kick and punch at 50 power and continually move around the bag. Stay warm, stay sharp, keep moving and burn fat.

Using Your Head

This is a corny title, but I had to use it because it is so appropriate Street fighting is all about using your head by adapting what you've got to overcome what you're faced with. This means that if you're not a strong or skilled defender then you must take what nature has given you and use that. Your head is a very solid, heavy battering ram which hurts like hell if connected to a opponent's nose. Head butts are ideal defences because they can be executed on a close in attacker, the kind of grappler often encountered on the street. When considering the head bun you must not forget that it is a multi-directional defence.


Stupid question Asking anybody, How much weight will I gain on a course Or, How much muscle will I lose after my course I could take the same steroid 10 times and get 10 different results. The point being, if I can't predict it for myself, how the hell can I predict it for you

Coward does not

It is important to understand that there is a savage instinct in man, as in all animals, that can sense fear in others. This is the reason a bully picks on certain people but not on others. So you must learn to never show fear. This in itself will keep you out of a lot of trouble and worry the hell out of your opponent.


I've read and I've heard your take on this. I think it's really interesting. And, again, it's a paradigm shift for most people, so I would like you to elaborate on it. Talk about the belief of no pain-no gain, the difference between going into your office and not trying to work so hard that you just want to drop on the couch and go to sleep. When it comes to working out, playing devil's advocate, wouldn't going in and beating your butt to the ground in terms of a hard cardio workout or a hard weightlifting workout do more to. Before we get into that, I want to again hit you with another devil advocate question really more so because I just want to have, for the listeners out there that are thinking,

Errata Part Vi

It allows (hell, requires) a major cheat day once a week. The cyclical ketogenic diet inserts a 1-2 day carb-up period where you can overconsume carbs and not get fat. The bodybuilder mentioned above was much mellower than the other girls in her gym because she could eat her blueberry pancakes and have a margarita every weekend. Tied in to this, the CKD shouldn't cause the post-contest food binges seen in bodybuilders. Simply, you don't feel deprived since you get to pig out once every 7 days.

Bigger And Better

While in a seated position, bend your knees and bring the feet in so they are about 10-12 inches from your body. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Hunch your torso forward, tuck your chin into your chest, and hold your hands on the outsides of your knees. Now lean back while maintaining a hunched position until your arms are completely extended (still holding on to the outsides of your knees). At this point, let go of your knees and extend the arms forward. Are you feeling the strain in your abs yet If you are like most people, there will be a tendency to start falling backward. This is due to the fact that only the abs are involved in maintaining your balance and the usual helpers like the hip flexors are excluded from the equation. It's now time to generate some serious punishment. Slowly raise the arms so that they are pointing directly overhead (keeping the body hunched forward). Can't be done you say And I thought you were strong If this is too intense, extend the feet outward...

The Notsofine Print

We wrote it for guys who join a gym, get their two free personaltraining sessions, and then wonder what the hell they're going to do next. We wrote it for the guy who shows up for his workouts, does what he thinks he's supposed to do, and asks why he's not getting the results he expected.

Come and get them

On the fifth day Leonidas told his men to eat a good breakfast for soon they would all dine in Hell (Hades). Then the Persians came in wave upon wave of soldiers. And the Spartans fought and fought and fought. To the point of exhaustion and beyond. They killed untold numbers of the enemy in bloody belly-to-belly combat. The Persians were no match for the Greeks and Spartans in battle but their numbers were near limitless. The Persians were driven back again and again. The above historic battle inspires the hell out of me. It awakens the warrior spirit in me I guess. Many are the times on a long run or before a hard gym session, when motivation is at a low and I start to think I would rather be at home with a beer watching the TV, the example of the ancient Spartans spurs me on. I picture myself as an aspiring Spartan and am instantly re-motivated.

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