Vert Shock Review: Does it Really Work?

Vertical Jump Training: Vert Shock

I have received plenty of emails from the folks asking if I have tried Vert Shock training course from Adam Folker. So, I decided to purchase this course just to offer the visitors an honest review about what the course is all about & how it can help you achieve a higher jump.

Vert Shock: An Overview

Vert Shock is the latest vertical jump training course created by Adam Folker. It was created especially for helping athletes better their vertical jumping abilities.

The course promises to improve your vertical jump by nine to fifteen inches within only 8 weeks. This may seem to be a very bold statement & in case you’re a regular visitor of this site, you’ll realize that I never believe in an overnight miracle solution…

Vert Shock: What Do You Get in The Program?

The vertical training program is categorized in:

  1. A quick start guide showing you how to start quickly
  2. Pre-shock stage exercise plan that prepares your body for the fly.

The pre shock stage is very crucial part of this training program. You’ll be learning this part in the initial seven days. Once you’re done with the pre-shock stage, you can improve your vertical jumping ability by three to five inches. The stage is known as pre-shock since it is intended to let your body to prepare itself for the future trainings.

  1. Shock stage exercise routine: Supplement those inches in a steady manner

After finishing up with the pre-shock stage, you can begin with shock phase for the duration of 6 weeks. This one is very critical segment of this training program. The part concentrates on working out your nerves in order to jump higher as compared to all your friends have thought of you.

  1. Post-shock stage exercise routine: stable integration of the muscles

This is the final stage that will train you inside a whole week & help gain muscle mass as well as enhance your vertical jumping skills further.

  1. Bit by bit workout video that shows you how to proceed in a steady manner.
  2. A dedicated forum with full support from the author’s special vertical jump community.
  3. A Vert tracker that allows the users to track all their added inches in an easy & accurate way.

In short, the program will train you to practice 3 main phases within 8 weeks. At the end of this training course, you will be able to add from 9 to 15 inches, even more to your vertical jump.

My Results With Vert Jump Program

I have tried quite a few of this programs. Some of those offered a little help whereas others hardly helped me improve my vertical jump which wasted a huge waste of my time as well as money. Hence, I can understand your uncertainty.

Yet, I must tell you that hardly any other program has benefitted me to such a great deal than Vert Jump.

I have been able to excel in one of my biggest limits. So, there is no reason why it won’t happen to you as well.


Vert Jump is one of those rarely seen products that offer users with a lot of value & results. Hence, if you are finding it tough to improve your vertical jumping skills, give Vert Shock a try & you’ll be shocked of see how quickly you can turn into an exceptional leaper if you approach in a proper manner.

Vertical Jump Training: Vert Shock
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