Unlock Your Glutes Review

Unlock Your Glutes

Unlock Your glutes is a program designed to help in the reduction of belly fat. It is such that do not to take all the time of the year before it done. You need only fifteen minutes of your workout, which is two times a week and the program was slated to work for 4 weeks. Its main aim is to help in strengthening your glute, which are essential muscles located at your back. Glutes are a combination of muscles that strengthen the body and aid movements. The program is planned towards strengthening the glutes and help you in dealing with the weakness of the body as well as the frustration that comes with getting butts.

The program was not created to be a quick fix. In fact, like different programs, it is tasking. Yet, you will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The system requires your full attention, being constant, and your discipline. For the period of its usage, you will have the opportunity to choose between carrying out your exercises in the house or at the gym.

The exercises meant to be used have been explained in the book formats for you to understand and choose the ones you are capable of doing before you even proceed to follow the ones in the videos. In other words, the program comes in the format of a manual and videos that will help you achieve your goal. More so, the videos are not merely videos for strengthening glutes, there are some others for strengthening your legs.

About the Author: Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS,  is a certified strength and conditioning Specialist who has a Master Degree in Exercise Science. He loves to test every method he would later introduce to people in a place called 'The Compound', which is a state of the art training facility in Clearwater, Florida. 

What's Included in Unlock Your Glutes?

When you get Unlock Your Glute package, you will be opened to some teaching that will rattle your knowledge about exercising for strength or butts. In that vein, you will be opened to a brief understanding of your glutes, which are the body's most powerful muscle. You will get to understand how the glutes work and the benefits they have for the body especially the lower body. Then, you will be exposed to the types of muscles you have.

Afterward, you will be trained on the best ways to stand, the right postures and how to balance your muscles. Also included are three glute training obstacles that have been preventing you from getting powerful glutes.

You will, afterward, be exposed to different strategies of exercising your glutes that will help you move in the different directions needed to strengthen the other parts of the body. The program went on to expose you to 36 Glute-Specific training movements to target each part of your butt.

The manual contains the various myths and misconceptions that come with growing and strengthening your glutes as well as the mistakes most trainers makes during your workout sessions with them. Also, you will find the secrets that models and fitness competitors refuse to share which will help you strengthen your glute. Then, you will be given tips and pictures to prepare your mind for the exercises in the video.

Then, the video contains a record of the 36 exercises you need during the time of your workout. It contains both the 36 exercise for a home workout and another 36 exercises for a gym workout. Then, you will get to see the exercises for the legs also.

How Beneficial Is Unlock Your Glute?

Having a strengthened and healthy body as well as a firm butt gives one a higher dose of happiness. Therefore, using Unlock Your Glute comes with a great number of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Find some of the many below;

  • Helps You Get Healed of Injuries: Some injuries have refused to go away despite the number of exercises and healing processes they have gone through. Most times, when such happens, it is an indication of a weak glute. A weakness in the glute can cause a reduction in one's strength but Unlock Your Glute will strengthen your glute; thereby, giving you the chance to hasten the healing process.
  • Training for The Three Muscles of the Glutes: The glute is made up of three muscles. The problem had always been that most people do not exercise all the parts of these muscles. Unlock Your Glute will help you train these three muscles to help you attain fitness- vertical, horizontal and rotational. Unlock Your Glute is not like most other programs that focus on vertical movements, which are the squats and deadlifts. Unlock Your Glute helps you to do the lateral movement and twisting movement alongside the vertical movements.
  • Strength Will Be Restored: every process that comes with movement and strength always have glute working in the background, helping these processes. However, a weak glute can be the cause of weaknesses in the processes involved. Nevertheless, Unlock You Glute has been prepared in such a way that you will not have to suffer from this weakness because it will help you in strengthening it.
  • Low Back Pain Will Be Vanquished: many people have had to suffer from the pain that comes with sitting down for a long time and that is mostly because of the weakness of their glute. This program will help you have a strengthened glute which will help you in enjoying the comfort in your lower back.
  • Knee, Hip and Leg Pain Will Be Totally Avoided: Weakness of the glute can reduce the strength in the back. However, having a standard way of eliminating this pain is a great gain. Unlock The Glute has been prepared to help with that.
  • There Will Be a Stop to Hamstring Strain: many people suffer a lot from hamstring strain due to the weakness of their glute but they tend to focus on other things and for that, it has become a constant problem. However, strengthening the glute can help you avoid this, which this program is aimed.
  • You Will Stop Wasting Time: All in the name of getting a rounder, stronger butt or getting greater shape, power, strength or even long-term health a lot of people have engaged themselves in some types of exercises that have not been helping them. Unlock your glute has been designed in such a way that you do not need any of such time wasting exercises. More so, you will have to stop the excessively long exercises that will not guarantee the result you will get your desired result.
  • Get Out of Frustration: A lot of people have been left frustrated by the repetitive squatting and lunges exercises that have not yielded any result. In fact, instead of producing your desired result, these exercises have brought an unwanted weakness in your glutes but Unlock Your Glute was created in such a way that you will notice a drastic change with the way the program was paced out for you.
  • Help You with Trainings That Can Be Done at Home: Some people have the assumption that lifting weight is the only way to strengthen the problem of glute weakness. Whereas, all they need is simply body weight, which implies the exercises needed are things you can do with your body parts. Unlock Your glute will expose you to some simple body weight exercises that will not require you to step a foot in the gym.
  • Workout for Only Twice a Week: Unlock Your Glute program has made provision for you not to use every day of the week to have your workout. You have to only use it twice in a week and each workout session is just for 15 minutes.

The Format of the Program

The program comes in two digital formats:

  • EBook: You will be privy to a manual that has information
  • Online Video Download

How Cheap? How Easy?

Despite the number of work put into it, the program comes at a very moderated price and as you must have noticed, it is something you can do by yourself even if you are a teenager.


If you have been frustrated by your squatting and other exercises meant for getting butts, then this is the program you need.

Unlock Your Glutes
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