Simply Core Program

Simply Core Program


This interactive core program was founded by Dawn Joseph. She is a personal professional trainer with many years of experience and a group fitness instructor for over twenty years now. In the course of her years of experience, she has also served with homespun sailing and gymnastics teams, as well as many other teams of swimming, canoeing, basketball, horseback riding, and volleyball amongst others.

Dawn is trustworthy because she brings a passionate way to properly accustom you to your core and makes available to you what you need to know and how to go about it; surprisingly all this will be done in a few simple steps. She has a desire and drives to teach and instruct you on the many tricks and need-to-knows about the core.

What is the Simply Core Program about?

Simply core program allows one to measure the strength of their core by developing a routine program that they should undertake continually, so that as the program evolves, so too does your core strength.

This program is specifically for ladies who struggle with pelvic defects, the pain of the lower back or generally have a weak core. This program is very essential as it focuses mostly on the naturally occurring weak areas like the glutes and the core, and also does not cause intense fatigue to the whole body; thereby making you stronger in the places that matter, in addition leaving you with enough energy to involve yourself in sporting activities you like cycling, running or skiing etc. It is intentionally designed to suit both the strong and weak individuals.

Simply core is designed in such a way that it acts as a way of development and growth for individuals and also acts as a compliment if they are already actively involved in an exercise routine or training. So, importantly, this program, which lasts for not more than five minutes, will give you a stronger feeling; connect you more to your core and your sport of choice, enabling you to achieve more in the process. In this program, there are many tests involved and also three different difficulty levels based on the results of the individual.

Therefore, this program is proper and efficient for those who want their fitness level and health status to move up to the next level without having to involve themselves in much thinking. The special thing about this program is that as mentioned earlier can be done together with or incorporated into other additional lifestyles, and it includes additional coaching by the instructor (author) together who will be working with you via Skype or Face Time privately, with frequent check-ins at intervals. This program helps participants in the decision making of what workout to do and various activities involved in the program are scheduled and the instructor can see all that you log, thereby keeping you motivated, accountable and progressing rightly.

Another thing to remember about the simply core program is that there is nothing that should cause any kind of pain to the back or any irritations as the case may be, however, any person or individual that wants to partake in this program, must first be cleared to do so by his/her physician or therapist before beginning the program.

Defects of other Basic Core Programs

We will consider three main problems associated with other core problems.

  • They have less consideration for the initial base strength of the individual partaking in them.
  • Most of the time, they leave you injured or hurt.
  • They do not take into consideration the existing conditions as regards to pain and pelvic defects of the individual partaking in the program.

We will now see the obvious advantages of the simply core program compared to other core programs.


Below are the various benefits of following the Simply Core Program routine.

  1. It does not only act as a complement to other kinds of physical (and partially mental) training, but it serves as a perfect starting point if you are about beginning your training. Most importantly, it does not overwork the body.
  2. The steps involved in the program are quick and very easy to catch up with. The program will isolate the main muscles that need to be strengthened with less commitment time in this case which is five minutes a day.
  3. A small space is required for the steps involved in or to be carried out in this program. Also, no equipment is needed for this procedure.
  4. While engaging in this program, one will discover those daily reoccurring habits that may be hindering their progress.
Simply Core Program
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