Cycle Bulking Diet Review

Cycle Bulking Diet

Who is the author and why should you trust them?

Lee Hayward is the mastermind behind the success of the Cycle Bulking Diet product. The author is a bodybuilder that has been competing in the bodybuilding competitions since 1995. The author also has numerous trophies which mean he’s really successful in this career. There are several reasons why I think you can trust this bodybuilder to help you get success on your bodybuilding journey.

First and foremost, Lee Hayward is a certified strength and conditioning coach. This means he has all the educational requirements and experience to help you build your body the right way. He is also a certified Nutrition Educator with all the skills and ideas to guide you well on what food you should be taking to meet your bodybuilding goal. Lastly, he’s a certified bodybuilding judge that knows exactly what to look for and what advise do beginner bodybuilders need.

Recently, YouTube selected Lee as the top muscle-building experts through their Next Trainer program. The fact that he is very active on YouTube with more than 73 million video views is what has made most people and bodybuilders trust him.

What is the Cycle Bulking Diet and what will I get?

The Cycle Bulking Diet is a digital program with strategic diet and training ideas that allows your body gain lean muscles.  The author lays more emphasis on Hormonal confusion because he believes this is the key play factor. The program has been created based on the principles of Hormonal confusion. The author promises that the program will greatly help you to get visible results within 21 days.

The program also teaches you how to hold on and avoid stopping the process. He indicated that lack of motivation is the main reason why most beginners give up.

To make sure you have helpful information, the author has phased this program into 2 different phases.

  • The Low Calorie Depletion Phase

This phase is aimed at priming your body for an anabolic growth rebound. This is done by making it very efficient at storing the food you eat as lean muscles.

  • The High Calorie Growth Phase

This phase is aimed at triggering the natural anabolic hormone production which includes Insulin, Testosterone and IGF-1. This is actually the time that you will feel your body growing bigger and stronger.

What will you discover inside the program?

Inside the program, you will discover the following.

  • High Calorie diets are the way to gaining muscles. On Page 29, the author will show you how the most powerful way to cycle your calorie.
  • Inside the program, you will learn how to use his signature Depletion and Overload Eating Cycles to trick your body and gain more muscles.
  • The author will also show you how to use muscle-stalking tactics that were founded by legends including Bill Pearl, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane.
  • On Pages 3-9, you get The Five Deadly signs of Bulking that most of the people are doing but don’t have any idea.
  • The muscle Building Catch 22 will be featured on page 10 to give you reasons as to why most guys end up getting fat.
  • The author will give you reasons why eating big to get big will ruin your physique.
  • You also get The One Commonality that you will detect in almost all Body Builders.
  • And many other topics

How does the program work?

The program works easily by giving you enough information about all the things you need to build your body stronger and bigger. The key to building your body with this program is strategically altering back and forth between the above mentioned phases. With this program, you will work with your body’s natural growth and recovery processes and not against them. There’s nothing you will do that competes or works against your normal body functionality.

Who is the program intended for and is it actionable?

This program is targeting beginners, intermediate and professional body builders. The program is also very actionable which means it can work easily with all the people in the market regardless of their body building stage.

What is the format of the program?

The program is available in downloadable PDF Formats which means you can easily download and print it for hard copies or just keep it in soft copies.

What problems can the program help to solve?

This program is not aiming to solve any health problems but can help solve and overcome all the challenges you face along the way. You just have to purchase the program and you will have all the information that you need in your bodybuilding journey.

Final verdict

You will find a couple of such programs in the internet with most of them aiming at scamming you and getting your money. The Cycle Bulking Diet program is one of its kinds because it gives you everything you need at a small fee.

Cycle Bulking Diet
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