Bench like A Beast Review

Bench like A Beast

Who is the author?

This highly involving and reliable product was created by Tony Bonvechio who is the co-owner and the coach at The strength House GYM in Massachusetts. The coach specializes in coaching power lifters and masters the beach press. He has also leant a lot about weight lifting over time and very ready to share the knowledge with his students. Over the time, he has learnt the ins and outs of shoulder health and thinks that most of his students should have the same knowledge. He learnt all this information as he was coaching baseball professional players. In this program, Tony Bonvechio has combined what he already knows about maximizing beach strength and shoulder health to give you a product that can help. His product is aimed at adding substantial strength to your shoulders and at the same time makes your shoulders stay healthy.

Over the time, Tony has been focused on his job and has learnt al lot of skills that he believes can help all people bench the right way. He believes that Bench is the most popular exercise in the GYM all over the world but very few people knows how to do it perfectly. With his skills, expertise and experience, I believe you should trust him with this.

What is the actual product about?

Bench like a beast is a one-of-a-kind program which holds a 10-week bench training system. The same product features a combination of tips and knowledge inspired by experiences of over a decade of lifting and coaching. After purchasing this product, you are likely to get the following.

  • A 90 pages main product
  • A video and a written thorough ‘’How to bench Press’’ Tutorial
  • A 10-weeks training program that has produced more than 40-pound increase
  • Instructional videos for all the exercises featured in the program
  • Full guidelines for maintaining shoulder health as you undergo your training.

This program is an adaptive, progressive and has all the tips and tricks you need to bench like a pro. Tony has explained almost everything in this program. As a matter of fact, this is a very comprehensive program that I believe will see you through your fitness ambitions. Bench like a Beast is a program that pays a close attention to variations of the workout which means you don’t have to bench just because you want to see yourself in the GYM.

Bench like a Beast emphasizes that having the right attitude is the starting point. Doing the real work can be hard but with the help from this program, everything will be very easy. The program provides advanced techniques that you can teach other people or even to you.

The program is also divided into four stages that you will go through as you teach yourself how to bench.

Stage#1 Form

Bench like a pro pays a serious attention to form. This means that the program has all it takes to be perfect in every program. This stage aims at helping you avoid injuries and at the same time maximize your potential while working out.

Stage#2 Stamina

It can be very difficult for beginners and people without experience in the bench pass. Instead of ignoring the pressure or even leaving exercises, this stage will help you get the stamina you need.

Stage#3 Discipline

Discipline cannot be bought or gained without someone to help you along. This stage aims at teaching you workout discipline. The program will help you with various content and exciting for mild and body alike.

Stage#4 Ability

The ability to work out and bench the right way will be taught here. If you are able to go through the program, you will learn all the things that will help you with the ability to do it perfectly.

What problems can the product help to solve?

This program will help you bench the right way. It has all the content that you need along the way. Following its four stages provided here, you get all what you need to work out perfectly.

What is the format of the program and what do you get?

Upon paying for this program, you will get five things. The main program will be available in PDF form. Its 90 pages of material with all what you will need along the way. You will also get How to Bench press tutorial available in Written and Video formats. The package also comes with instructional videos that you receive in DVD forms.

Who is the product intended for and is it actionable?

This product is intended for people who want to exercise and eventually get some strength. With its four stages, it’s perfect for beginners, experienced trainers and coaches. What this means is that anybody who wants to practice and exercise like a pro should get this product. It contains a very simple instruction that means you can understand them even when you don’t have a trainer. So you don’t have to worry, you just buy and eventually practice every information.

Bench like A Beast
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