Electrophysiologic Techniques for the Assessment of Respiratory Muscle Function

Thomas K. Aldrich, Christer Sinderby, David K. McKenzie, Marc Estenne, Simon C. Gandevia

Electromyography 548

Stimulation Tests 554

Conclusion 556

Summary 557

4. Tests of Respiratory Muscle Endurance

Thomas Clanton, Peter M. Calverly, Bartolome R. Celli

Measures of Respiratory Muscle Activity

Used in Endurance Testing 559

Ventilatory Endurance Tests 562

Endurance to External Loads 564

Endurance of the Diaphragm 568

Conclusion 569

5. Assessment of Respiratory Muscle Fatigue

Gerald S. Supinski, Jean Will Fitting, Fran├žois Bellemare

Types of Fatigue 571

Tests of Respiratory Muscle Fatigue 572

Conclusion 578

6. Assessment of Chest Wall Function

Stephen H. Loring, Andre de Troyer, Alex E. Grassino

Pressures in the Chest Wall 580

Assessment of the Properties of the Relaxed

Human Chest Wall: Rahn Diagram 580

Assessment of the Function of the Active

Chest Wall: Campbell Diagram 581

Estimation of Ventilation Based on Chest

Wall Motion: Konno-Mead Diagram 582

Devices Used to Monitor Breathing: Pneumograph, Magnetometer, and

Respiratory Inductive Plethysmograph 583

Optical Devices Used to Measure Chest

Wall Motion 584

Inferring Respiratory Muscle Contribution to

Breathing from Chest Wall Motion 584

Inferring Respiratory Muscle Contribution to Breathing from the Esophageal-Gastric

Pressure Relationship: Macklem Diagram 585

Inferring Respiratory Muscle Contribution to

Breathing from Pressure-Volume Relationships . . . . 585 Inferring Diaphragm Activation and

Electromechanical Effectiveness from EMG 585

Conclusion 586

7. Imaging Respiratory Muscle Function

Neil B. Pride, Joseph R. Rodarte

Transmission Radiography 588

Ultrasound 589

Volumetric Imaging 591

Nuclear Medicine 591

Summary 591

Am J Respir Crit Care Med Vol 166. pp 518-624, 2002 DOI: 10.1164/rccm.166.4.518 Internet address: www.atsJournals.org

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