Weekly worktorestoration ratio

This refers to the frequency of training compared to the restorative measures used. Quite simply, the more (or more often) you train a muscle group without exceeding your recovery capacities, the more muscle you'll gain. This means that you can train a muscle very often (3+ times per week) using a low volume of work, often (2 times per week) using a moderate volume of work, or infrequently (once a week) using a high volume of work. In most cases, the second option (training each muscle group twice a week using a moderate volume) is the best solution. The weekly work-to-restoration ratio is also influenced by your nutritional status: if you are consuming a caloric deficit your body will not recover as fast and as such, you cannot have as many total training sessions during a week. For example if you are consuming a deficit, you might only be able to train 4 times per week while if you are consuming a caloric surplus, you might be able to have 6 weekly workouts. In both cases you can still train each muscle group twice a week but a lower nutritional intake should mean less total weekly workouts. Finally, this weekly ratio can be influenced by your work capacity. If you have a greater tolerance for intense physical work (mesomorphs and meso-endomorphs with an important training experience) you will be able to handle more frequent training sessions or more daily volume than someone with a low work capacity. So as you can see, it's hard to recommend a universal weekly work-to-rest ratio, but as a rule of thumb you should strive to increase the amount of work performed per week as you increase your training experience and thus your work capacity.

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