Key points regarding program design

1. Regardless of the exercise being performed, the load used or the fatigue level, you should always attempt to generate as much force as possible during each concentric repetition.

2. Except for potentiation exercises, every eccentric repetition should be performed not only under control, but while actively flexing the muscles.

3. You must precede every concentric repetition by a stretch of the targeted muscle group. A set should be like this: controlled and flexed (first 3/4 eccentric); stretch (last H eccentric); explode! (concentric)

4. Choose the best exercises to do the job. Exercise selection is very important and should not be taken lightly.

5. If you want to wake-up the nervous system you can add an activation or potentiation exercise to your program.

6. If you want to increase fat loss while building muscle you can add some high-speed metabolic work to your program

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