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Mike Hanley is a strength & conditioning coach based out of the East Coast of the United States. He is certified by USAW as a sports performance coach as well as a certified kettlebell instructor. Mike specializes in program design for high school athletes as well as middle aged men & women. His training methods include a mixture of powerliting, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell training as well as many other methods to produce significant strength & performance gains. Mike has also worked closely with autistic teenagers as well as senior citizens both in the rehabilitative & fitness arena.

In addition to his work in the strength & conditioning field, Mike Hanley is also a competitive athlete. He has competed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting.

Mike Hanley is available for private training in the Marlboro, NJ and Belmar, NJ areas. In addition, Mike also designs personalized training, nutrition, and supplementation programs online. If you would like more information on Mike's programs please contact him at [email protected] or visit www.hanleystrength.com.


The High-Threshold training methodology

Upon reading the material contained in this new book some peoples might believe that I've finally come full circle. I originally started out exclusively as a performance coach, making my mark by introducing several innovative training methods to the strength-training world then switched to more of a bodybuilding focus; writing a book and some articles on that aspect of the iron game and training several athletes for physique contests. Those of you who are aware of my athletic training material will recognize several principles from this book and will quickly assume that I'm back to my roots. While this isn't entirely false, it isn't completely true either. Yes I'm back to a more "athletic" training optic, but I'm not back to where I started from; rather I'm still evolving as a coach and came to the realization that several principles that are applicable to athletic training can also be used to spark new muscle growth. The best way to describe this book would then to call it the "interracial" couple of aesthetics and athletics.

Everybody can take something out of this book: athletes will find new ways to improve their strength, power and metabolic efficiency. They will also learn how to build muscle that will be "usable" in their athletic endeavours. Bodybuilders will find out which are the best exercises for each muscle groups and will learn to apply athletic training principles to better be able to target the high-threshold motor units (HTMUs) which are the key to maximum muscle growth. Finally, the average trainee who wants to look good, lean and muscular but who also wants to be functional, healthy and fit will be able to apply the principles described to reach these objectives too. I'm not saying that everybody should train the same way. However I believe that there is some common ground to all forms of training, something rooted in science that can be applied by all to foster maximum growth and improvement regardless of the end objective.

Chemically Engineered

Chemically Engineered

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