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Zinc is an enzyme activator intricate to somewhere between 200-300 enzyme/ zinc dependent reactions in the body.

> Zinc deficiency can and will result in a reduction in an androgen receptor count of 20-40 % and an increase in estrogenic receptor count of 40-60 %

> Zinc deficiency can cause up to a 63% reduction in androgen binding sites which can cause gyno by altering the androgen-to-estrogen activity ratio, (sweater-puppets?) Zinc deficiency increases the aromatization of androgens to estrogens.

> Some AAS reduce the level of Zinc in seminal fluid after 14 days of administration. This is an additional inhibitory factor upon HPTA function.

> Prohormones such as 1 9-Norandrostenedione, 19-Norandrostenediol, 4-androstenedione, and 4-Androstenediol (and most other variants) are dependent upon the enzymes 1 7-BHSD and 3-BHSD for activity and conversion to more powerful androgens. Both 1 7-BHSD and 3-BHSD depend upon zinc.

> Zinc aids in immune response.

> Zinc acts as an anti-oxidant by way of the "zinc activated" superoxide-dismutase system. The system helps protect cells from oxidation.

> Zinc deficiency prevents pancreatic beta-cells from storing or secreting Insulin.

> Zinc is necessary for protein metabolism.

> Zinc is necessary for DNA transription and cell division.

> The prostate has the highest level of zinc concentration of all body organs, and it does not play nice if zinc deficiency is excessive and prolonged.

> Lactate Dehydrogenase and Carbonic Anhydrase are enzymes that allow the body to process lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Both are zinc dependent.

> Blood Cortisol levels elevate significantly during times of zinc deficiency. This hinders GH release and IGF-1 formation. And this negatively alters the testosterone-to-cortisol ratio.

> Zinc is needed for vitamin A metabolism.

> Zinc is intricate to the production of sperm and testosterone.

> The thymus gland shrinks if circulatory zinc levels and reserves are low. The thymus gland produces immune T-cells that protect against tumors and disease.

> The body contains about 2000 mg of zinc. Most is stored in the bones and muscles. Zinc is transported in blood as a component of red blood cells. Of course some other blood proteins carry zinc to other body tissues as well. About 55% of the body's zinc is stored in slow twist muscle fibers.

> Plant phytates and fiber block zinc absorption because the alkaline PH environment of the small intestines (were most zinc is absorbed) allows zinc and the phytates to complex, or become joined as an insoluble compound. Phytates are found in both grains and vegetables. In the presence of calcium, zinc will pass through totally unabsorbed. (Vegetarian Diets suck!)

> As a rule, only about 20 % of a single dosage of zinc is absorbed and the larger the dosage the lower the percentage of single dose absorption. Citrate, Vitamin B-6, picolinic acid (a metabolite of Tryptophane) all increase absorption. Zinc gluconate is highly absorbed.

> The toxic level/dosage of zinc sulfate for a 200 Ib male is almost 20 grams (19,890 mg).

> The liver enzyme 5-deiodinase, that converts the thyroid hormone T-4 into the five time more active thyroid hormone T-3, is zinc and selenium dependent. During low carbohydrate diets or calorie restricted periods (or supplemental T-4 use) adequate zinc intake prevents 67 % of the normal decrease in 5-deiodinase activity. Protein synthesis is dependent upon thyroid hormone activity.

> Adequate zinc levels increase free (active) AAS plasma levels during cycles and decrease HPTA inhibitor.

Personal experience and blood test results had led me to strongly support the use of am and pm dosages of zinc supplements both during and after AAS protocols as well as the co-factors magnesium, selenium, and vitamin B-6. Care should be taken to assure adequate copper intake with zinc (1 mg copper per 1 5 mg zinc). ZMA products too. But, of course, few will even read this section anyways. SISSIES! As to daily dosages, the Western Washington University study was an apt guide-line for beasts.

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