Why Was Testosterone King

Testosterone and its endless esters is equally anabolic and androgenic. This meant the hormone triggered a very high rate of muscle protein synthesis and growth while improving beast nitrogen retention resulting in an anti-catabolic effect. Additionally, the high androgenic quality of testosterone provided the increase in weight-load/work-load-capacity necessary to provide the stimulus for significant protein synthesis.

Action/Reaction, remember? For this reason, testosterone, like all other AAS, tipped the scale of the anabolic/catabolic ratio in favor of anabolism or growth. The high androgenic environment created by elevated testosterone levels also aided in increased glycogen synthesis and storage in muscle tissue, and improved recovery.

When speaking of growth potential environments this was far superior to almost any single AAS. But testosterone aromatizes to estrogens and reduces to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is bad, right?

What many would-have-been-beasts failed to understand was that it was the "ratio" of testosterone-to-estrogen/DHT that triggered negative side effects, and the length or period of time elevation lasted that mattered. Not merely the existence of estrogen or DHT.

To begin with, women would not have great racks without estrogen, but let's look at the benefits the beasts realized from a bodybuilders prospective.

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