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Before we discuss "Super -Cycles- Of -Serious- Sensitivity", we should have at least set a basic understanding of how insulin actuates a cellular response.

The insulin molecule is much larger than an androgen molecule. For this reason, it cannot simply merge with its receptor-site and take a ride into the interior of a cell. When an insulin molecule merges with its cellular receptor-sites, the release of another compound group is actuated called GPI'S (Glycosylphosphatidylinositols). This in turn frees an insulin mediator group compound called IPG's (Inositol-Phosphoglycans) which enters the cell and triggers a variety of growth signals.

These signals include the synthesis of steroid hormones, proteins, and glycogen. They also initiate the transport of amino acids, glucose, and certain fats into the cell while signaling the synthesis of new transporters. This whole Insulin/GPI's /IPG's process and triggering mechanism is dependent upon a reaction called hydrolysis.

This basic explanation above should provide the realization that several substrates must be available at the cellular level to provide building materials for GPI's and IPG's as well as to act as mediators. If not, then insulin insensitivity/resistance occurs. Yes, this meant a sincere effort to clean up the diet, and some well chosen supplements for all insensitive beasts.

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