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Insulin stimulates the all-important activity of the cell Sodium/Potassium Pump (SPP) which in turn increases the rate and level of nutrient transport into cells. (Cell feeding mediator) Though the three macronutrients: Protein (in the form of amino acids), fats (in the form of fatty acids) and carbohydrates (in the forms of glucose and glycogen) are all paramount to the growth process, it is amino acid (AA) transport potential that we are most focused upon in this article. The reason is obvious in that the growth rate or hypertrophy of muscle cells is proportionate to the rate and level of AA entry into them. No one makes freak status with a low AA transport potential.

Insulin and other anabolic substances increase the process of protein synthesis (anabolism) and RNA activity. Insulin is believed to affect DNA in a way that causes an up-regulation in DNA initiated protein synthesis. Of all anabolics, insulin is far more powerful and important in this respect due to the Sodium/Potassium Pump factor and, specifically, BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) up-take as a result of its actions.

Insulin inhibits protein break-down (catabolism) by directly interfering with the activity of certain structures called lysosomes. Lysosomes are intricate to the action of breaking down cellular proteins into amino acids so that they may be used as energy. In case you missed the point, these proteins are cannibalized from muscle tissue. By acting as an anti-catabolic substance, insulin inhibits muscle loss. Unfortunately insulin also inhibits fat loss as well.

For a moment imagine the freaky potential insulin would possess for lean tissue growth if it did not inhibit fat loss while remaining anabolic to muscle tissue? Yup, a poor mans IGF-1 would be the result!

(The following is an excerpt from Chemical Muscle Enhancement)

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