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A notable benefit of Trenbolone and Equipoise (Boldenone) administration was the distinct lack of aromatization attributed to the prior drug and moderate to the latter. And both provided high quality lean mass results.

Parabolan really was (real Parabolan) an amazing drug. It provided rapid strength gains while aiding in excellent lean mass gains. It also tended to aid in fat loss. But it can be rough on the kidneys so lots of water consumption was important. 3 weeks at these dosages left little reason for concern however.

Parabolan had a great deal of activity, but in a pinch I have substituted Masteron. I once ran this cycle 3 times in a row and gained over 30 LBS. That would not seem amazing except that I dropped about 8 LBS of fat during that period which means lean mass gains were serious. (I also had these crazy spider veins on my legs, arms, and chest) Frank's results were similar.

*Several different products contain trenbolone acetate. No adjustment in dosage was necessary when substituting trenbolone acetate for Parabolan due to frequency of listed administration. (Parabolan is only Black Market manufactured now)

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