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Depending on natural or endogenous T-4/T-3 thyroid hormone production, an exogenous dosage of T-4/T-3 usually altered BMR and macronutrient turn-over significantly. This of course was difficult to account for mathematically without a hormone profile (which provided information about a beast's normal thyroid hormone production). But the average individuals daily endogenous T-3 production/release is around 26 mcg daily. So 50-100 mcg of Cytomel administered daily roughly resulted in 1 25-200% above normal BMR as well as a corresponding increase in the PTOR.

Obviously it would have been quite counter productive for Frank to ingest less daily protein than his daily PTOR required. (Gee, ya think?) This means that, in many cases, a beast needed to increase total protein intake 25-100% and reduce carbohydrate intake to maintain correct daily calorie intake as a means of keeping up with increased PTOR.

Carbohydrates and Fats...The Easy Part

The necessary daily carb intake count equaled Frank's weight training calorie expenditure, or about 450 calories (112.5 g) from carbs. His fat intake daily remained at 10% of total daily calories.

This meant that his lowest calorie count day was about 2700 calories. Utilizing this base information, Frank's calorie stagger looked like this:

Day #1: 3245 calories

Day #2: 2971 calories

Day #3: 2700 calories

This calorie stagger was based upon Frank's lean mass weight. Day #1 allowed for 2 additional calories per pound of bodyweight, and Day #2 allowed for one additional calorie per pound daily. As I said earlier, this was a "base" calorie count. It sometimes needed to be adjusted when fat loss/weight loss parameters were not between 2-3 pounds weekly.

If the body is unable to utilize or convert enough fat into energy, once muscle and liver glycogen stores from carbs are depleted, the body will strip proteins/amino acids (like uh, from muscle) of their nitrogen components and use the calorie source for energy. This is called deamination.

It is also very bad when lean mass retention is the goal. When adequate protein intake is provided the body will use incoming amino acids from protein to create glucose for glycogen synthesis by a process called gluconeogenis. So it was paramount that an all beasts adjusted carb calorie intake to maintain a weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week. Usually I adjusted calories by adding or subtracting 200 calories to each of the three days of the staggered count.

You probably would be surprised how many individuals there are that simplify this further by eating only tuna and skinless chicken breast with steamed brown rice and a few spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil. Hey, it works pretty well if they add a good clean protein powder or Human Profile. They would do better however if they traded some of that rice for vegetables, MCT oil and CLA.

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