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There were two best choice protocols possible for setting the perfect environment for Frank. One was simply a matter of reducing calories (fats/carbs) to about 50% (or less) normal and over-train for 14 days before beginning Phase I. The other involved a little chemistry and 1 1 days. (Gee, which do you think Frank N. Steroid chose? Ya, so let's get on with it.)


(Training/Daily Calorie Decreases utilized)

DAY 1: CHEST- 6 triple drop sets/shoulders 3 triple drop-sets (Any pressing exercise), super-set side laterals/ rear delt raises 3 sets/ cut 500 calories from diet.

DAY 2: BACK-3 triple drop-sets any rowing exercise/3 triple drop-sets any pull-down exercise/2 down the rack sets of shrugs/ cut 250 more calories from diet.

DAY 3: LEGS-Squats 3 sets of 20 reps/leg press 3 triple drop-sets/2 down the stack sets of leg extensions/leg curls 3 triple drop sets/drop 250 calories diet

DAY 4: ARMS-Super set E.Z curls with skull crushers 4 sets/ Non stop super-set rope push-downs with preacher curls 4 sets/1 set triple drop wide bar push-downs/ 1 set down the rack DB curls. (Calories remain constant from this point through day #1 1)

DAY 5: 20-30 minute aerobic periods (Stair climber or bike) 90-120 minutes "Freaky monkey type love" sex. (With partner)

DAY 6: Repeated day #1 training , 5mg DNP per kg of body weight daily . DAY 7: Repeated day #2 training, 5mg DNP per kg/d, 3 table spoons PG oil DAY 8: Repeated day #3 training, 5mg DNP per kg/d, 3 table spoons PG oil DAY 9: Repeated day #4 training, 5mg DNP per kg/d, 3 table spoons PG oil DAY 10: Repeated day #5 training, 5mg DNP per kg/d, 3 table spoons PG oil REPEATED SEX OLYMPICS (Again with partner) DAY 11: Slept

*During the 11 day controlled catabolic period it was paramount that Frank drank at least one gallon of water daily. It takes a great deal of water to remove catabolic waste. A good daily multi-vitamin/mineral was a must. 1 5-50 grams of glutamine daily reduced protein loss (divided into 3-5 even dosages). Peptide glutamine is said to be best (Though valid research is lacking), and 50-100 g/d was better. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a great anti-oxidant wisely added to Frank's periods of DNP employment.

PG OIL MIX: 2 parts flaxseed oil/1 part extra virgin olive oil/1 part evening primrose oil. Divided dosages into 1 tablespoon 3 times daily. 25 ml of glycerine in 16 oz of water helped, too. PG oil was used as a supply of omega 3, omega 6, and GLA fatty acids. Perfect for prostaglandin production. (Go read prostaglandins "Chemical Muscle Enhancement")

Frank had done near non-stop AAS cycles for the past 56 months with few, if any, off periods. At this point he was working out but small for obvious reasons on both counts. However, he was ready to become a beast now. A dangerous chemical called DNP helped burn off fat as well as clear out androgen (and other) receptor-sites.

By now, the body had up-regulated anabolic receptor-sites, storage enzymes and hormones, as well as intermediates that focus upon lean protein based tissue anabolism.


1. Keep liver enzymes within acceptable ranges.

2. Avoid excessive fat build up (12%-14% max body fat)

3. Induce as much lean mass growth as possible

4. Control excessive water retention and heart/ kidney trauma.

5. Maintain estrogen and prolactin levels within growth ranges (estrogen increases IGF- production and glycogen storage) but low enough to avoid gyno, female pattern fat deposits, and excessive water retention (continue to the next section


Estrogen "Control" was paramount for health and result potential reasons. High/prolonged circulating estrogen levels could have negatively affected the heart and other organs due to excess fat deposits and water retention. As you know, most severe water retention during AAS phases is due to estrogen and the resulting hormonal production increase of aldosterone.

Elevation of aldosterone affects the body's water table by altering electrolyte balances favoring sodium retention. Since sodium regulates extracellular (outside the cell) water and potassium regulates intracellular (inside the cell) water, an imbalance favoring sodium results in extra water in the vascular system and under the skin. This is the reason that some athletes look like "Bloat Boy" and have very high blood pressure.

It is important to remember that electrolytes such as sodium and potassium regulate the electric charges for flow of water molecules across cell membranes and are an intricate part of the sodium-pump mechanism that allows goodies like nutrients and creatine to actually enter the muscle cells.

Blood Pressure and Water Retention

Normal blood pressure readings for average individuals is around 120 over 80. In fact, this is considered pretty healthy. However, bodybuilders and power lifters are not average. (Certainly none of my monsters) They tend to be much larger and heavier, carrying significantly more lean mass tissue. For this reason, they have larger more powerful hearts to supply high volumes of blood to a greater amount of tissue.

The first number of a blood pressure reading indicates blood pressure after the heart contracts, which raises vascular pressure, and blood is pumped through the body. Obviously the second number indicates or measures blood pressure before the heart contracts.

Since bodybuilders and power lifters have more powerful larger hearts, a first number of 150, 160, or even 180 is relatively normal. (And as a lone factor was not usually a reason to be concerned for Frank) However, if the second number was over 100, it was time to be very concerned! If the second number exceeded 100 during an AAS phase, it was usually due to excessive water retention and that meant that counter measures were immediately taken.

The most commonly used water retention counter measure was a low dose diuretic such as 20 mg Lasix daily. I have found natural diuretics such as dandelion root often resolved the problem. Regardless of diuretic form, liquids were always replaced before bedtime. Sometimes counter measures required backing off on aromatizing androgenic dosages, but usually this could be resolved with estrogen control.

Most AAS Aromatize to estrogen to some degree. The higher androgenic steroids more so than the higher anabolics. In the first book "Chemical Muscle Enhancement" under drug descriptions, it is easy to find "aromatization". This gives an evaluation of each drug's reported aromatization characteristic.

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