The Right Time Frames

We saw the greatest results from any chemically induced alteration in homeostasis and the PTOR rate when we had a plan. First, we got in, grew hard, and got out before Frank's body could mount adequate counter measures. This meant a time frame of 21-30 days. So no Max Androgen Phase (or any other protocol) could have had a high activity level beyond 30 days.

We had to create a quick and elevated androgenic environment to quickly increase mass and strength. No time was wasted that would have allowed the body to catch up with its anti-muscle counter measures. We called this the "androgenic dominance period". We also had to allow a high anabolic moderate - low androgenic elevated environment to solidify Frank's mass gains into quality muscle. We called this the "anabolic dominance period".

Most athletes have realized the greatest results and post-cycle lean mass retention when these two periods were about equal with an equal androgenic - to -anabolic transition period in between. Additionally, we had to create a long "most effective period" without significant inducing HPTA inhibition. Easy !

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