The goals during Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phases were pretty simple

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(1) Work-sets reached positive failure at rep 10-15.

(2) Work-outs periods were terminated before 90 minutes.

(3) Total work-sets per body part was best set at 1 2-1 5 for large body parts and 10-1 2 for smaller ones.

(4) Few, if any, high intensity/traumatic techniques were utilized.

(5) At least 25 grams of Glutamine was ingested daily.

(6) 5 grams of Vitamin-C was ingested daily.

(7) MSM, chondroitin sulfate and Glucosamine Sulfate was ingested daily at a rate of about 2-3 grams each daily.

(8) Each body part was trained every 3-5 days.

Just as androgens had distinct effects upon muscle fiber type, so did Absolute Anabolic Phases. GH and IGF-1 increased structural proteins therefore adding mass or size with little results in the way of strength gains...initially. GH also provided a strengthening and repair quality for soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Another quality or effect of GH and IGF-1 protocols was hyperplasia of muscle fibers, predominantly type I and transitional fibers. Hyperplasia is a condition where the number of muscle cells and fibers increase. (Remember satellite-cells and androgens? Well, this is the "other chemistry" I mentioned) This was mostly due to incorporation of satellite cells into existing fibers.

More cells more fibers, meant more growth potential. These newly formed fibers were transformed into Type II fibers during periods of Max Androgen or other AAS phases and protocols.

Specific training stimuli has been noted to increase the hyperplasia phenomenon as well as aid in some Type I muscle fiber transition into Type II fibers. Insulin significantly aided in this Action/Reaction Factor by assuring a more than adequate nutrient supply for growth. So did thyroid hormones such as T-3 and T-4, but only when the calorie intake exceeded metabolic needs and there was an excess of amino acids (from protein) constantly available.

Theoretically, during diet or calorie restricted periods, the inclusion of GH alone (without androgens) would have caused an increase or sustaining effect upon Type I fibers at the expense of Type II fibers. But the theory is based upon total macronutrient intake down-regulation. Obviously inadequate amino acid levels would have allowed endurance oriented Type I fibers a survival advantage.

So training for best long-term results while utilizing GH, Insulin and / or Thyroid Hormones in the absence of androgens, PGF-2, PGE-2, lnterluekin-15, or MGF had to meet the following requirements:

1. A work-set rep range that stimulates Type II fibers for growth and sustaining effects, and sets which stimulate Type I fibers. This was easy to accomplish. Frank could have trained a body part with work- sets that reached failure at 410 reps for 2 exercises and then done work-sets for 2 exercises utilizing a higher rep range of 12-20 reps. But there were more effective methods: Triple-drop-sets where each weight can be utilized for 4-7 reps to achieve failure before each drop. This allowed a total rep range of 12-21 (or more) reps per set.

These were very traumatic sets. Low/High sets. These are sets that an initial weight was utilized that resulted in failure at 6-1 0 reps and then the weight was reduced quickly 50 % and failure was achieved again. The rep total per set sometimes reached as high as 30 with some individuals. Same-Muscle-SuperSets were used as a Low/High set or as a straight failure at 6-10 reps per exercise set. Examples of same-muscle-super-sets are heavy flat bench (failure at 6-10 reps) and incline flys (failure at rep 6-10, or heavy squats (failure at rep 610) and sissy squats (failure at rep 6-10). Personally I liked a mixture.

2. Stretch position exercises had to be utilized for each body part to assure the highest IGF-1 and MGF production. Stretch position exercises are those that result in an extreme stretch of the target muscle at the end of the negative phase of each rep. Example: Quads-sissy squats. Pec any fly, cable-cross-over, or pec-deck exercise. Lats-lying DB pull-over, straight-arm-pull-downs. Biceps-incline DB curls or incline-low-pulley-cable-curls. Triceps- long-pulls, standing DB or EZ bar tricep extensions. Hams-straight leg dead lifts, or good mornings. Calves-donkey calve raises. Lateral Delts-incline cross-body DB side laterals.

An easy way to incorporate stretch exercises is super-sets such as those listed earlier. Simply stated, it would be a matter of super- setting a mid-range compound exercise with a stretch position type exercise. It should be obvious that this will also aid in fascia stretching to some extent.

3. Most beast Incorporated anaerobic / aerobic interval training 3 times per week for 20-40 minutes per session. Studies show that the body adapts to aerobic training within 6-8 weeks. This is a matter of capillary and cardio pulmonary adaptations, which of course aid in increases in vascular tissue growth and nutrient supply. It also aids in both type I & II fiber recruitment. Frank could have done 20-40 minutes of kick boxing heavy bag work, play hand-ball, or alternating intensity levels on a stair climber for 20-40 minutes. It was a simple matter of high intensity for 40-60 seconds coupled with easier semi-resting intervals of 1-4 minutes. This was the most effective fat burning/lean mass retention method I know of, by the way. Body fat levels above 1 2 % just are not healthy or acceptable.

4. Phases that had PGF-2, PGE-2, androgens, or lnterluekin-1 5 layered into them incorporated these goals also. However since these drugs significantly affected increases in contractile proteins and Type I to Type II muscle fiber transition, the first exercise for each body part was a lower rep rest/pause compound exercise technique. It is important to realize Absolute Anabolic Phases had a main goal of increases in total muscle cell and fiber count while increasing vascular tissue. This added significantly to any Max Androgen Phase effectiveness as well as aiding in vascular tissue growth into new areas created by site-injection protocols. If these goals were not accomplished, long term results were no where near as amazing as they could have been. Also I should add, I have witnessed several hard-core types adding over 2" to their arms on cycles containing PGF-2, Insulin and GH when properly structured. This was in addition to serious growth through out their musculature and freaky hardness even on very high calories.

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