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As you already are aware, insulin is the body's main storage hormone. An increase in insulin sensitivity strongly correlates with less fat accumulation and more protein storage (like uh, muscle). This translates into increased protein synthesis, a positive nitrogen balance/anti-catabolic environment, and muscular hypertrophy.

Several factors can effect insulin sensitivity and therefore affect nutrient utilization efficiency. Dietary, supplemental, training, and pharmacological practices have had a profound impact upon the body's composition for this reason. In fact, consider this:

• An increase in circulatory insulin levels results in a 50% increase in muscle protein synthesis.

• Anaerobic training (like weight training) resulting in triggering an adaptive response increases muscle protein synthesis 100%.

• Supraphysiological amino acid concentrations in the circulatory system, such as is experienced from ingestion of whey protein, results in an increase in muscle protein synthesis of 1 50 % above basal.

• However, when insulin levels were increased to supraphysiological levels immediately following a high intensity anaerobic work-out in the presence of supraphysiological amino acid concentrations and adequate glucose levels, a synergistic effect resulted in an increase in muscle protein synthesis of 400%!

The first layer of a "Super Cycle of Serious Sensitivity" demanded watching "Titanic" with Leonardo De Caprio and actually not cheering when he goes down for the third time. (In the ocean) Joking!

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