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I write to encourage thought. Controversy is great if it forces individuals to be individuals who think! Well, are you frustrated yet? For some readers, much of that information is simplistic, but in truth most individuals just play gun-slingers shooting combinations in any order and for any period of time and hope for the best. Then they wonder why they lost most of their gains post-cycle or failed to respond significantly. In our perfect imaginary bodybuilding country, I started by making all of this information clear to Frank.

In the following sections, several of Frank's and other beast's protocols are explained. Each of these took into consideration effective dosage factors and some are out lined in multiple levels, as they were utilized by Frank N. Steroid and other beasts. More is not always better and synergy is a key to success.

Remember, once a dosage established a threshold, concurrent dosages of other AAS elevated the plasma level, and properly timed consecutive dosages of other AAS would have maintained it. Does that make sense? If not, it will soon. A fact I must make clear about half- and active-life periods is that some drugs with longer active-lives, required a longer period to reach their effective potential. An example is Deca. Deca has an active-life of about 14-16 days. However even after migrating from the injection site a day passed before the drug became initially effective.


The goal of any growth inducing protocol was to gain as much lean mass as possible. To do this with a plan meant to gain, not merely maintain or regain losses from prior cycles.

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