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Some (or I should say, many) people doubt what Author L. Rea says and does with his clients. Most of the "doubting" emails I receive are things such as "no way the body can grow that much"... or "change that much"... or "ALR's methods aren't going to make that much of a difference compared to what other 'gurus' recommend for cycles".

Of course, being in this business for 15+ years myself ... and dealing with pretty much ALL the major industry people and gurus (Dr. Scott Connely, Joe Weider, Dan Duchaine, etc.) I had my own doubts. In fact, I started this specific business as a learning experiment by hiring ALR as my own personal coach just to see if he was "for real".

After speaking to him for many hours and days, I quickly came to realize just how intelligent and knowledgeable he was about this whole "chemistry" of the body. Please note, that I got into medical school myself ... so I'm no beginner when it comes to this stuff.

Anyway, after a while, there were no more doubts in my mind that ALR "knew his shit!" better then anyone I had ever spoken to. Now, at the time of this writing, ALR is well over 275 lbs and around 7% body fat and this is only at a height of 5'7"! He's going to Las Vegas for the 2003 Mr. Olympia, so he thought he'd add on a couple more pounds of muscle to make a good impression on the bodybuilding world (let's face it, we'd ALL do the same thing if we could).

As amazing as his size, weight and muscle mass was/is to me, I couldn't help but think to myself "ah, this guy must just have some awesome genetics!"... right? Wouldn't you think the same?

No More Doubts!

Well, check out the pictures on the next page. You'll see the amazing transformation of a "skinny" ALR at a bodyweight of only 127 lbs ... more than DOUBLE his weight in less than 5 years and weigh 260 lbs. After seeing this, I was sold and there were ZERO doubts as to what the human body can do with the right guidance.

Yes, these are real pictures. Yes, I've seen more of them for proof (hey, I was more amazed then anyone cause I'm always been a skinny bastard all my life!). And YES, he still maintains all of this muscle AND more for almost 20 years now!

He is basically someone who follows his own advice ... started off just like a regular "Joe" walking into any gym in the world and has kept it all while staying perfectly healthy. This is very inspirational to me and I'm sharing this with you hoping it will do the same.

Warmest Regards,

Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips

Pictures Of Author L Rea - 20 Year Time Span 1982 - 127.5 lbs 1987-258 lbs 2003 - 263 lbs

This picture was taken in late 1 982. I was cage fighting at the time for some extra income, as kick boxing paid badly and school was no cheap. I weighed in at 127.5 lbs as a rule for both cage fighting and kick boxing. Even at 5'7", that seems really small now ... even for a fighter. Nice arms, eh? I think my forearms measure bigger then my upper arms!

This second picture was taken in mid 1987 ... about 4 y2 years later. I was prepping for a 3 show run bodybuilding contest and weighed about 258 lbs. I wish I had one with my shirt off, but you can see the lats flaring out. I can't believe the beard was actually on my face. Yikes! As you can see, a LOT has changed during the past 4 years or so.

This is the most recent picture taken June 2003 and I weighed in at 263 lbs. A few things have changed ... no more beard (thank God!), no more post-fighting bruises ... but unfortunately, I do have a bit less hair. And no, I wasn't preparing for anything, my wife just decided to take a quick snap shot of me just for fun. My weight is normally around 260 lbs through out the year.

Weasel Statement - WARNING: READ FIRST!

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Controlled Catabolism

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Why Was Testosterone King? Tide Cycles

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ATP: The Basis Of Growth 248

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The Keys To Freak Status Was Sensitivity 261

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References & Available Literature

This book is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or disease. Nor is it a guide or endorsement for drug use. The author and publisher do not condone any illegal drug use or abuse for any purpose. All readers are advised that substances described may be prohibited by law or only used with a physician's prescription.

Warning: Sexual explicit material may be offensive to some reader's as may be some of the author's commentary. Do not read this book if any subject matter could offend or upset you. I apologize to no one who reads beyond this point. I apologize to no one for my choice to exercise my freedom of expression. And after all___it is my crayon!

This book is written in an "accumulative knowledge" format. It was also written in a manner that assumes for the most part, that the reader has read "Chemical Muscle Enhancement" which is focused upon the drugs and classical cycles that have been utilized by athletes in the past. Re-explaining this information here would be a waste of the reader's time and perfectly happy trees. "Building The Perfect Beast (Frank N. Steroid)" is a continuance of the discussion of advanced chemical protocols begun in "Chemical Muscle Enhancement."

To learn we must experience a subject from all angles possible.

Like its for-runners, this book is not a children's "pop-up picture book" full of useless pictures of drugs. Instead, it is a discussion of advanced muscle chemistry techniques utilized by some of the top "big boys" in the bodybuilding world. Though intended for entertainment and discussion purposes only, I simply could not bring myself to fill it with filler pages of useless pictures.

Frank N. Steroid and Doc are purely fictional beings cloned from my imagination. In fact, they were created as a means of re-telling a tale from many individuals whom have chosen the chemically enhanced path in competitive sports. Any resemblance to a certain pro-bodybuilder or his "trainer" currently tearing up the competition world is merely coincidence. The following is a discussion of how some current competitive beasts were built. The reader must remember that this book is a story based discussion and not a guide or endorsement for th is type of choice.

Genetics are nice, but limitations can be over come to an extent most individuals have never even imagined. Even an average athlete possesses the potential for an amazing physique far beyond their dreams.""


And the story begins...

My life thus far has been the creation of chemical muscle enhancement protocols that produced the world's most perfect chemically enhanced beasts. It is simply a fact that all foods, supplements, and yes drugs, are nothing more or less than chemicals that have specific effects upon the body we refer to as Action/Reaction Factors. Some chemistry can destroy the body while aiding in the building of the facade. Sadly this means that some athlete's only appear as healthy as a superhero figure while inside a self-imposed life threatening time bomb may be ticking away.

Though the media and governments may either embrace or deem villainous any given chemical, my life has been a personal mandate for knowledge. By the way, most call me Coach. No, I am not a medical doctor nor should this story be taken or viewed as medical advice or endorsement in any way, shape, or form. I simply tell the tale for what it is.

I first observed him at a local iron house while training with an obnoxious client. The client was one of those guys who had more money than sense and an ego to match.

There he was another young man old before his time. A little over 6 feet tall, Genetically average, and making the same mistakes, training wise, as so many of his sponsored brothers had before him. Obviously he was the product of an uncaring cast aside. Sadly, bad muscle chemistry and dietary choices mandated by an unconcerned owner had left him a wreck before he had a chance to even get started. I'm sure you have seen him at one time or another. He is that guy who became a local hero that had something special about him. Picked up on a marketing contract by a major sponsor, 18 months later he re-appeared the wreck he is from misuse. His name was Frank N. Steroid.

My client became a bit aggressive due to my obvious interest in Frank. More so after I inquired about his name and owner. I only pissed my client off further when I told him Frank could have been the perfect beast. My rich obnoxious client voiced a challenge: If I could turn the "has been" into a beast that wins, he would foot the bill. If not, I was to become my client's "personal consultant" free for life and foot his bills. Like I said, the client has more money and muscle than sense.

I asked Frank one question: "what's your dream?" he replied simply "to dominate." Frank N. Steroid would be the scariest beast of our time, but first we must build the perfect beast...

After purchasing the lad it was time for a trip home to my lab. My lab is in that fictional land where muscle chemistry is legal and all athletes are required to take classes in Chemical Muscle Enhancement 101. Restaurants also feed bodybuilders for free in this wonderful place. Though much of this would appear a dream, much of my time was spent in Mexico.

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The Bible of Body Building

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