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I often read articles concerning genetic limitations. It is true that genetics play an important role in growth and body symmetry potential. However, many beasts have significantly altered their genetic predisposition because they were aware of Action/Reaction Factors.

I have personally witnessed individuals go from 150 LB 6 foot "ectomorph" to a 300 LB "mesomorphs". Ya, I know, cannot be done, right? Wrong! Though skeletal structure and height cannot be significantly altered, pretty much everything else has been by athletes that learned how.

. So what does science have to say about genetic body types? There are three basic body types, though any individual can be a mixture of two by having qualities ranging between two types.

Ectomorph: Usually a person considered an ectomorph is small boned or framed and has difficulty adding body weight because their metabolic rate is very high. We know thyroid hormones have the greatest effect upon metabolic rates and we also know this also means a very high PTOR. Add training, reduce catabolism, add major calories, and this person grows very quickly.

Since an ectomorph has an unusually high thyroid hormone levels they also heal very quickly between workouts and can train more often. But must use brief intense work-outs. Ectomorphs tend to need 8-12 meals per day. What is really cool about these individuals is that they show every pound of muscle they gain as if it were 2 pounds or more due to smaller joints and bones.

And if they choose to add significant mass, they look like Flex Wheeler. The interesting fact is that ectomorphs have metabolic rates many endomorphs and mesomorphs have attempted create with synthetic thyroid hormones. So the wiser ectomorphs avoided exogenous thyroid hormones use for prolonged periods when mass gain was the goal.

Endomorph: Though several fat people swear they are endomorphs, the truth is that endomorphs are simply large boned. They are usually heavy set and have fairly slow metabolic rates. Again, thyroid hormones control metabolic rate for the most part. Since they have slower metabolic rates, they put on weight easily.

Unfortunately this is also a predisposition for fat accumulation because they recover from work-outs much more slowly. Think about that. If a person cannot increase training intensity there is a poor nutrient partitioning effect stimulus for protein-based tissue such as muscle. Increased metabolic rate and induced significant anabolic signals would result in this endomorph becoming a monster rather quickly.

And their fat problems have been noted to commonly disappear. Endomorphs usually require 7-10 days to recover between each body part work out. Back and legs can take even longer.

Mesomorph: These are considered the lucky ones. Most of the best natural bodybuilders are mesomorphs in fact. They have few problems with maintaining body mass and have average size bone structure. They are leaner than endomorphs yet carry slightly more body fat than ectomorphs. So it should be apparent that they have what would be considered a normal metabolic rate. Therefore recover from work-outs within 3-5 days as a rule.

We often discuss fiber types but not muscle density. Muscle density is simply a matter of possessing a higher number of muscle fibers. More experienced athletes have greater muscle density, as a rule, due to increased fiber count induced by chemical and training stimuli.

Do you remember our friends the muscle satellite-cells? Gee, do you think an athlete can improve muscle density? Just something to consider. Now on to Phase Cycling.

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