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For many, the sudden decrease in calories was just a little too difficult to endure. Personally, I dropped weight too quickly utilizing the prior diet outline. (Most people do well with it) If this was the situation with Frank, he would have began his pre-contest diet phase 16 or even 20 weeks out with an initial daily calorie count of 6000 calorie

Daily protein intake would have remained constant at 1.818 grams per pound of lean mass weight and fat would have remained at 10 % of total daily calories. However, carbohydrate calories would have been decreased about 2 50 calories per day each week still utilizing the necessary 3-day calorie stagger. So beginning 20 weeks out, the stagger would have looked like this:

Week #20 = Day #1 -6000c, Day #2-5750c, Day #3-5500c and repeat for Day #4-6. Day#7-5750c. Week #1 9= Day #1 -5750c, Day#2-

5500c, Day #3-5250c, Day #3-5000c and repeat for Day #4-6. Day #7-52 50c.

This 250 calorie decrease would have continued until a calorie stagger for Day #1-3245c, Day #2-2971 c, Day #3-2700c was accomplished. At that point the calorie count and stagger would remain constant.

Obviously, calorie intake would be adjusted to meet an "averaged" 2-3 pound weekly weight loss after that. For many athletes medium chain triglyceride (mCt) oil was an excellent calorie option when making calorie adjustments since it burns fairly clean. The body actually has difficulty storing it as fat. And it provides good energy as a result. If an athlete does not have enough energy to train intensely, the diet results will be poor.

Remember; calorie deficits are relative, not absolute!

How often did Frank eat? 6-12 times daily. Each meal, whether liquid or solid, provided no more than 500 calories. The body digests food better when ingested in smaller portions. Also each time calories are introduced, the body increases metabolism. I have had several clients who simply ate very small liquid or solid meals every hour through out the day. It took the edge off hunger.

Personally I ate every 2 hours once my daily calorie count fell to and below 4000 calories. It really was pretty simple to diet successfully without the stress and attitude problems.

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