One Last Comment About HM Gear

I do wish to say that I include items in my books and articles from companies like Hardcore Muscle Gear simply because they work. In the case of HM Gear, I have had the fortunate experience to have worked with their products people (which is where I became fortunate enough to meet Sam...he is their marketing expert) on occasion and come away with a secure feeling that my readers and clients will receive the results they have a right to expect from anything they far.

The feedback from most of the users of the products has been extremely positive. This, coupled with the fact that my own mini-circle of test subjects has also realized great results is the reason I so openly endorse this company and their products. As stated already, I do riot accept money for endorsements (though I was paid for the product designs) as I feel that would be a conflict of interests. And in truth, I am quite comfortable with the income I make without selling my soul. With that said...

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