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Many studies support my belief that IGF-1, whether of endogenous or exogenous origin, was the primary synergy hormone responsible for muscular growth and repair. I have had several clients who had below average endogenous testosterone production and average or above IGF-1 levels.

Yet most experienced gains near equal to other natural bodybuilders. I believe this was due to the synergy between IGF-1 and another hormone called Mechano Growth Factor, or MGF for short.

MGF is a hormone locally produced in muscles in response to both stretching and over-load training, especially due to heavy over-load training. (Heavy Weights) This is true only when there is an atmosphere of extensive muscle fiber damage from high weight/high traumatic sets. The more severe the heavy stimuli, the more MGF the muscle fibers produce. This is quite "similar" to localized endogenous IGF-1 production and stimuli.

Recent studies used engineered genes that increased the expression of MGF in mice muscle. The researchers injected the genes and found a 20% muscle mass increase in only 14 days. WOW! Picture a 250 LB bodybuilder achieving 300 LBS in only 14 days! MGF is far more potent than IGF-1 or/and GH.

Currently, MGF research is geared toward treating various muscle diseases and weakened musculature occurring due to the lack of exercise and age. Researchers have found humans who continue to train as they age, may be able to maintain optimum MGF production.

However, some surgery or disabled patients cannot. For this reason, researchers are experimenting with MGF and IGF-1 and/ or GH for muscle wasting prevention. For now, watch out for big mice.

I think it is safe to theorize that MGF will be one of the next genetic expanding chemistries for most sports. I have noted two genetic research companies are presently manufacturing MGF for research use. Soon it will show up on the black market, I think.

By the way, researchers have also already created a testing protocol to detect MCF use. So much for some of the lying so-called natural competitors being too happy. I am not saying all naturals are liars, just the majority of the top competitive ones. Ya, I said that and know it to be true.

Novice athletes who reported utilizing chemical muscle enhancement during research for Chemical Muscle Enhancement had no need for Absolute Anabolic Phases. And in truth, many intermediate athletes did not either.

In my opinion the goal should have been to utilize steps to realize maximum potential, not limit possibilities. (More on that in a moment) Using Frank's creation as an example (at different levels of development) the following rough guide-lines were followed for dosage adjustments. Remember; calorie intake had to exceed calorie expenditure for growth augmentation... and thyroid hormones increased metabolic rate.



Insulin: 20-30 i.u. total daily. (Prefer Humalog or Humulin-R)

Insulin-Like-Growth-Factor-l (Long R-3): 20 mcg 2-4 xd.

Prostaglandin as PGF-2: 2 mg 2-4 xd. *Thyroid T-4: 200300 mcg/d (or T-3). 'Thyroid T-3: 50-125 mcg/d.


Insulin: 24-40 i.u. total daily. (Prefer Humalog or Humulin-R)

Insulin-Like-Growth-Factor-l Long R-3): 20-40 mcg 3-5 xd.

Prostaglandin as PGF-2: 2 mg 3-5 xd.

Thyroid T-4: 350 mcg maximum (or 200 mcg T-4 with 1 00-1 25 mcg

*During contest prep, T-3 and / or T-4 dosages were slightly higher for brief periods.

We will discuss Frank's DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) use later. However, there was a natural occurring substance that had reported similar effects (supposedly) called Usnic acid. It was suppose to increase metabolic rate 100-200 %, but I have not had

"great" success with it or the green tea that contained a similar substance. I have not given up on it yet as it does have potential.

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The Basics Of Body Building

The Basics Of Body Building

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased calorie intake, and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout routine.

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