Max Mix SiteInjection Training Example

Training took into account each injection site. Frank's arms had good shape but sucked in size, his biceps needed the most help. His triceps were only lacking overall size, and lateral delts needed to be rounder.

Body Part Trained

Site Injected

Day#1 Legs (Complete)

Tricep belly 3ml each

Day#2 Chest

Tricep horse shoe 3ml each

Day#3 Back

Bicep Peak 3ml each

Day#4 Off

Lateral delt 3ml each

Day#5 Arms

Bicep Peak 3ml each

Day#6 Shoulders/Traps

Lateral Delt 3ml each

Day#7 Off

Bicep Peak 3ml each

It was important to do site-injections after the work-out so as to avoid disturbing the newly expanded fiber area. This also helped reduce bruising. Frank was often sore but much larger.

The IGF-1 produced from Testosterone Propionate and the initial tissue stretching, aided in vascular tissue growth within the newly acquired area quite nicely. But, of course, not as well as a GH/lnsulin /T-3 thyroid Absolute Anabolic Phase layer (which aided in nerve growth as well). It was layered over this example at a later date but not during this initial protocol.

Maintenance injections were utilized for 6 more months with SEO (Site Enhancement Oil). It was Paramount to assure sterile conditions no matter how clean or pure a product was supposed to be. The benzyl alcohol did help to maintain sterility in each vial. However, before loading each syringe, Frank dropped the Max Mix vial being used at the time into a pan of water Oust below boiling and not on the stove) for 10 minutes and allowed to cool before use.

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