Mass Phase Continued

Most serious athletes own a Nutritional Almanac and a gram scale, or should. Using an Almanac, look up the food source, divide or multiply protein, carbs, and fats listed by the amounts necessary, weigh it and eat. But this too can be made easier and more beneficial.

Meats provide 6-7 g of protein per ounce, carbs are weighed by the gram only if dry such as grains, (rice oats, etc) and pasta, and let fats fall where they may (be reasonable). Add the essential fatty acid mixture described earlier.

I buy a great deal of whole grain bread at the day old bake store. There is one in most areas. I buy wholesale meat and cut my own, usually a whole round (the hind leg and ass of a cow), and cut steaks or stew meat. Veggies, in some areas, can be bought cheaply at roadside farmer stands and frozen in smaller parcels.

I usually have clients eat 4 meals per day, and drink 2-6 more. The protein shakes contain 30-50 grams of Human Profile or whey/ casein protein powder, and D.E. 20 or whole wheat flour for a carb source in a ratio/amount appropriate to their carb requirements.

What the hell is wheat flour? Whole wheat flour is what whole wheat bread and pasta is made from. It provides about 130 calories and 23-27 g of carbs per ounce. It is also a cheap and a major source of glutamine peptides. In fact, some special whole wheat flours contain as much as 50% glutamine peptides by weight, though common available sources contain about 20%. It is very cheap, by the pound, at most health food stores and has little flavor.

Whole wheat flour can be very useful for ectomorphs and mesomorphs...and hazardous to some endomorphs if they accumulate fat tissue easily. The only problem occurs when shakes are made in advance. The flour tends to thicken and tries to become bread in the shaker. So mixing and drinking immediately is necessary. Some individuals have trouble eating/drinking this amount of calories daily. A quick fix is to leave a shake by the toilet (on the counter, preferably), then mix and drink it when you get up at night to take a leak.

WARNING: Don't try to mix and pee at the same time. (However, my spouse swears this is an interesting sight.)

It is paramount to totally prepare for every aspect of a protocol before even the first rep or set is done. Before an athlete begins any protocol all components necessary for the best results must be stock piled. This means a plan is written and itemized before beginning a protocol.

Personally I purchased all I need and in quantities that slightly exceeds planned needs a month ahead. This greatly aids in mentally ramping-up for each stage of success. It also makes success much less stressful to achieve and total focus on the task much easier.

Note: Undigested food packed around the colon allows for poor nutrient absorption. An average mature adult has 8-25LBS of undigested food in his/her colon. Colonic irrigation solves this (Ouch!)

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